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Download our first complaint here (relating to ‘The Battle of Lewisham’, broadcast on the BBC World Service/podcast in their ‘Witness to History’ series, released on Friday, 9th October 2020 at 8:50am, 12:50pm and 6:50pm and on Saturday, 10th October at 3:50am).

Download our second complaint here (relating to Part 2 of ‘Britain’s Fascist Thread’, broadcast on Radio 4 on Friday, 26th February 2021 at 11:00am).

Download our third complaint here (relating to Part 3 of ‘Britain’s Fascist Thread’, broadcast on Radio 4 on Friday, 5th March 2021 at 11:00am).


Download a PDF containing all three complaints PLUS all the correspondence to and from the BBC, the BBC Complaints Department at Darlington, The BBC ‘Executive Complaints Unit’ at Broadcasting House, and Ofcom, all in chronological order, so you can decide for yourself whether or not we are justified in claiming that the BBC is no longer fit for purpose. Download here.


If you haven’t done so already, click here to download a short summary of exactly WHY we are complaining about these three programmes broadcast by the BBC.

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Abolish the BBC

We are launching a campaign to abolish the BBC

For many years the BBC has been run by the extreme left. It has had everything its own way. The communists, marxists and other riff-raff who control it now feel so impregnable that they are quite blatant in their lies, distortions and bias. And if anyone complains about this they just ignore it. So it is time to abolish the BBC.

It’s true there is a complaints procedure that anyone is free to follow if they wish to complain. But this procedure is so beset with restrictions and time and word-count limits, and the issuing of multiple “case numbers”, that it quickly becomes a quagmire for anyone who takes that path.

We at Anglo-Celtic have experienced this first-hand. We have complained to the BBC about the content of three radio broadcasts which we know from personal experience to be full of lies. These programmes were produced by left-wing producers and presenters, and contained interviews with left-wing interviewees. No other viewpoint was given any air space. All this was in breach of its own Charter and Agreement.

The factual errors were almost too numerous to mention. We produced evidence in the form of contemporary press reports from newspapers such as The Sunday Times and the Jewish Chronicle that directly contradict the account of events presented as “fact” in these broadcasts. Our complaints together with the supporting evidence completely demolished all the points made in these programmes. Yet the BBC and, later, Ofcom rejected all our complaints (three in number, referencing 93 cases of downright lies, distortion and bias) without giving any reason. It MUST be time to abolish the BBC.

The BBC just ignores complaints

We filed a fourth complaint – this time about the way in which the first three complaints had been handled. As expected, the BBC just ignored it, and never even bothered to reply.

This is a classic case of a national institution, whose supposed purpose is to provide broadcasting services for the benefit of our country and its citizens, in accordance with its Charter and Agreement, having been infiltrated over many years and now taken over completely by cultural marxists. That is, people whose purpose in life is the undermining of Western civilization so as to lead to its collapse and replacement with their own peculiar form of world government that would enslave us all.

More and more people every day are waking up to what has happened. But that’s not enough. Something has to be done and it has to be done now. And that something is to abolish the BBC. If enough of us feel the same way and can put aside for the time being political differences in other fields then we have a real chance of success. But we cannot do anything on our own, as individuals. We have to organise ourselves to challenge this evil. Take the first, small step now by finding out a little more about BBC lies, distortions and bias, so you can judge for yourself.

Click here to download a PDF summarising the complaints themselves and the way in which the BBC refused to deal with them, in breach of its own “Complaints Framework”.

And click here to download the text of all three of our complaints (in PDF format), including exhibits, together with all the correspondence between the complainant and the BBC and Ofcom, plus a fourth complaint lodged against the BBC concerning the way in which they handled the first three complaints.

Finally, check out our Download Page to make sure  you have all the information and documents at our disposal. Click here.

Genuine British Nationalism vs Phoney Patriotism

When the establishment parties put on a display of "patriotism", remember that it is only a display, and not the real thing. As Will Wright explains...

I love genuine British Nationalism. I always hated Communism. I always assumed that Communists would rather see the Red Flag flying over London than our Union Flag. Communism was internationalist.

In the Seventies, when I became politically active, Britain was plagued by a phenomenon that some people called “The New Left”. These people were Trotskyists – followers of the Jewish Communist Leon Trotsky. These Trotskyists seemed even more vile than the more established Communist Party of Great Britain.

Trotskyists had infiltrated the Labour Party and the trade unions. They were prominent in violent demonstrations and violent picketing during strikes. As you would expect, they were to the forefront of violent attacks on British Nationalism. Sometimes left-wing demonstrations involved the burning of a Union Jack. This was symbolic of their hatred of our country.

Neil Kinnock expelled the Militant Tendency from the Labour Party. Tony Blair supposedly turned the Labour Party into a left-leaning liberal party that could work with big business. Even then there were several former Communist Party members prominent in Blair’s cabinets, not least Peter Mandelson and Jack Straw.

Labour is not patriotic

Blair wanted to pretend that ‘New Labour’ was patriotic. He substituted the English red rose for the red flag. Labour’s annual conferences dropped the singing of the song called The Red Flag. I believe that they even had the Union Flag prominent in the hall.

After Blair, there was a reaction to his hijacking of the Labour Party. The party’s members twice elected Jeremy Corbyn as leader – and by large majorities. Neil Kinnock, still very much a man of the Left despite his public row with Militant, said that “We have got our party back!”

Labour’s new leader, Keir Starmer, is playing the patriotic card even more than Blair did. For the first time ever, the National Anthem was sung at a Labour Party Conference.

British Nationalism – Do not confuse symbols with policies and ideology

Anyone can wave a Union Jack or sing the National Anthem. But we should not confuse patriotic symbols with a real meaningful patriotic ideology and genuine British Nationalism. Labour is still the party that elected Corbyn twice. The attempt to rebrand Labour as a patriotic party, before a general election is a none-too-obvious con trick.

Labour wants open door immigration. What is patriotic about that? Starmer would like to see Britain back in the EU. What is patriotic about that?

Former BBC political editor, Andrew Marr, wrote a book, The Making of Modern Britain. The Union Flag is prominent on the cover. Marr makes it clear that he regards himself as a British patriot. Yet at university he was known as ‘Red Andy’. He admits that racial discrimination is a natural reaction. Yet he would like to see very harsh laws to outlaw any expression of racialism. That is not my idea of patriotism! Even if Marr regards himself as patriotic, he must be recognised as someone who is, in reality, very anti-patriotic. Marr serves as an example of patriotic talk and flag waving being very different to real patriotism.

Genuine British Nationalism vs Tory Phoney Patriotism

We must recognise the often-wide gap between patriotic ideas and the cynical use by politicians of patriotic symbols. This behaviour is deceitful and actually very anti-patriotic. If Labour is learning to be deceitful about patriotism, then the Tory Party are masters of many decades’ practise.

The Conservative Party is both socially and economically liberal. It is the servant of global monopoly capitalism. It is ridiculously pro-Zionist. About eighty percent of Tory MPs belong to the Conservative Friends of Israel. Why?

The Conservatives have always been a pro-EU party from the very beginning of the ‘European Project’. The majority of the Parliamentary Conservative Party campaigned for Remain during the 2016 EU membership referendum. That is not patriotism.

That party has always pretended that it will “do something” about immigration. But it will never make race a condition of British citizenship. It will never implement a programme of repatriation for all racial foreigners. That was true even in the days of Enoch Powell and the Monday Club.

The Tory Party today is packed with one-worlders who support global capitalism. It is top-heavy with racial foreigners in top government jobs. It is financed and controlled by Jewish interests. Today the Tories will not even control immigration – let alone stop it, let alone repatriate even illegal immigrants! There are many Tory MPs who openly support immigration to “grow the economy”!

Yet flag waving remains widespread among the Tory rank-and-file.  Are they and Tory voters stupid? Many Tory members voted for non-White candidates to be leader of their party.

Many people are desperately convinced that even a bad Conservative Party is still better than the Labour Party. But in what way? Patriotic talk and patriotic symbols will not save our country. We need patriotic policies underpinned by a comprehensive nationalist ideology.

A False Choice

There are still plenty of people in British politics and the media in Britain who are openly anti-patriotic. These people are the ideological enemies of genuine British Nationalism – and we should hate them. They hate us. But their only virtue is that they are at least honest. They have shown their colours and we can recognise them as the enemy.

The Conservative Party deserves to die. They have lived the lie that they are patriotic for far too long. This lie becomes less and less credible with the passing of years. The Tory Party is a colossal fraud on the voters of the United Kingdom.

Now we have another fraudulent party pretending to be patriotic – the Labour Party. Most of the membership recently twice elected Corbyn as leader. How long Labour can keep the pretence up is anyone’s guess. But my guess is that the pretence will be cynically dropped not long after Labour is elected to power.

The real alternative to corrupt, anti-patriotic politics in Britain should be genuine British Nationalism in the form of a revivalist British Nationalist movement. The question is: who can build it, and lead it to victory?