Books and influencers for White racial nationalists

Will Wright

There are many books out there that have been written by White racial nationalists. If you regard yourself as a racial nationalist, then I would expect that you have read some of the better-known ones. We all lead busy lives, but anyone who is serious about national and racial survival should read some such books, in order to be well-informed and able to argue with all the very many enemy propagandists out there.

I know that some of you are very sociable people, with a wide number of friends and associates. I know that several of you can, and do, influence those people towards a patriotic and nationalist perspective on politics. If you take out a little bit of time to read, and better inform yourselves, then you will be even better influencers.

I accept that some of you don’t, and won’t, read books recommended by me, and others. Some of you prefer to let someone like me do the reading – and then provide you with a distillation of what the book is about and, and its core message. It is flattering to me, that some of you trust me in this way.

But I might have understood a book differently to how you would have understood it – if you had gone to the source and read the author’s words, rather than mine. If I tell you about a book, I might have missed something important in the book, from my review of it. After all, I write my letters in rather a hurry, because I too am busy.

In 2010, Nicholas Christakis and James Fowler wrote a book called Connected. It is subtitled, The Amazing Power of Social Networks and How they Shape our Lives.

When the authors write about “social networks”, they are meaning that in the old-fashioned way. That is, people whom you actually know in the real world – your family, friends and work colleagues. And of course, they also mean those people who you might interact with on ‘social media’ internet sites.

The book sells itself by posing six questions, on the front cover, in brightly-coloured speech bubbles:

• Who do you have sex with and why?
• Is wealth contagious?
• Can your siblings make you smart?
• Is happiness catching?
• Does free will exist?
• Can your friends make you fat?

It makes, what to me, is a rather surprising claim. That you can influence two levels of people beyond the one that you know personally. That is friends of friends of friends. That might likely be people who you don’t actually know yourself.

Remember, that is when you are just living your life normally. Your attitudes, thoughts, and ordinary behaviour influences people who you don’t actually even know! Imagine if you deliberately set out to be an influencer. How many people could you reach, if you start out with a wide circle of personal contacts?

So what I now suggest to you is two quite separate, but related, ideas. Firstly, be a reader, and become even better informed. Secondly, spread the message of those writers with whom you agree. By ordinary conversation. By your own emails. You will influence some people who you don’t even know, as the word is spread.

I suspect that this might partially be how the Leave side won the Brexit referendum. People discussed their ideas, and influenced their family, friends, work colleagues, but also other people two steps beyond them.
Read this book, and become a conscious influencer of others. And I think that some of you are already naturals!

Who to read?

I started this post by writing about White racial nationalist writers. Individuals who I consider are ‘one of us’. But there are other writers whom you should read too. Some of you might like to read those writers who are clearly on our side, and maybe ignore those who are more Establishment types. With some others of you, you might prefer to read the more Establishment writers, rather than more propagandist books, by racial nationalists.

I recommend both. Perhaps I can give an example, citing three individuals. Arthur Kemp is a racial nationalist, who has been active in Southern Africa, the United States, and the United Kingdom. He wants to influence you towards our political viewpoint.

Charles Murray is an American academic – he presents his research in a form easily read by the general public. Douglas Murray (no relation) is a British political journalist. He is an Establishment figure in the sense that he writes in both The Spectator and The Telegraph.

Recently these three men all have books on the subject of race.

Charles Murray’s is called Facing Reality – Two Truths about Race in America. The two truths are that the different races have different rates of violent crime, and also have significantly different average IQs. Charles Murray believes that the two truths are linked.

But he tries to be uncontroversial and non-incendiary in the way he writes. He is trying to get his message across to a great many Americans, by trying to avoid inflaming passions.

His namesake, Douglas Murray has a new book (released in the spring of 2022) The War on the West – how to prevail in the age of unreason. British readers, beyond the current reach of British Nationalism, might well read this book, because Douglas Murray is fairly well-known.

Both Murrays are Establishment types, but ones who are willing to say things that more liberal types would cringe at. Charles Murray describes himself as “centre-right”, and I would guess that the British Murray likely does too.

Arthur Kemp’s book is hard-hitting, and packed with information. For me, it is an ideal antidote to the Black Lives Matter poison. It is titled, The War Against Whites – The Racial Psychology Behind the Anti-White Hatred Sweeping the West.

Which book should you choose? All of them! I think that they are complementary books. Read them all, and be able to shoot down all of those people who hate the White Race, whatever their own race is. Then get cracking informing your concentric circles of influence!

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