Brexit Celebration

We were denied a bong from Big Ben to celebrate Brexit Day on January 31st 2020. That was because the House of Commons Commission and the Civil Servants running it were in the hands of remoaners.

The cost of our bong would, according to them, have been half a million pounds. The actual cost of having Big Ben bong on New Year’s Eve was, according to all reports, no more than a few thousand pounds.

In spite of all that, we’ll celebrate this day now and every January 31st. We mustn’t, however, forget that there’s a small matter of the “transition period” (whoever heard such nonsense?) and the negotiation of a “deal” with the EU. We must be ever vigilant in exposing any attempt to water down the Brexit that we voted for. In particular, any suggestion that the transition period should be extended must be opposed with all our might.

“Don’t be cruel to Remoaners” (LOL)

Now, about this barage of “Don’t be cruel to the losing side” propaganda to contend with. Remoaners have feelings, too, and all that. And Boris Johnson has been at pains to tell us to be nice to remoaners “in the interests of national unity”.

Not that remoaners give a toss about national unity, or national anything. Many of them have even said that they will refuse to accept or use the Brexit special edition 50 pence pieces (see one of the images below).

But can you imagine what we patriots would have had to endure at the hands of these despicable people had the referendum result gone the other way? They would have rubbed not only our noses in it, but the rest of our faces as well. They would have had a party that would probably still be going on now. They would never have given up reminding us of the referendum result, and making a point of welcoming each new dictat from the EU requiring us to surrender more and more of our freedoms and powers.

Our message of reconciliation

Even so, we must be magnanimous. So here is our message of reconciliation to all remoaners.

“Don’t you ever forget, you pieces of shit. We won, and you lost. Not only in the 2016 referendum, but in the two subsequent General Elections of 2017 and 2019 and the Euro Elections of earlier in 2019. And now, at long last, and in spite of all your treachery and machinations, we can celebrate the United Kingdom finally leaving the ‘European Union’ for good. Yes, we won and you lost. So #%*& OFF!”

Enough already! (LOL) We’re exulting in our country being free of the hated European Union at last. Revenge, they say, is a dish best served cold. Well, we’ve had nearly four long years for our dish to cool down. So here it is – a feast of celebration at the defeat of the remoaner traitors. Have a good laugh…

cameron promise at brexit referendum
This traitor thought he’d fooled us all. He resigned rather than obey the result.
eu ignores referenda
The EU has a long history of ignoring the will of the people.
Oh yes there can!
leading remoaners
This is why they’re leading Remoaners.
May campaigns for Remain 2016
No wonder the Remoaners in Parliament ran rings around her.
jo swinson
Liberal Democrats corrupt to the core.
what eu countries give and get
It’s not just the Eurovision Song Contest where we come last.
brexit oxygen
No more ridiculous than many of their actual claims.
brexit quilts
Sheets and blankets always were better LOL.
verhofstadt insane and brexit
Quick – call the Funny Farm! A dangerous lunatic’s escaped!
barnier and brexit
And they pick their noses too!
pearson and eu and brexit
Well said.
julia and brexit
Sound piece of advice.
remainer tears at brexit
And everywhere else in the country.

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