Nigel Farage knows the score!

Will Wright

In 2017 Nigel Farage was working for LBC radio. He took a call from ‘Ahmed’ who expressed the opinion that the Jews have too much power in the United States. Farage acknowledged that his caller had a point. Anyone who couldn’t acknowledge that point would have to be both utterly dim and utterly ignorant of US political realities, or the worst kind of lickspittle before the might of the Jewish lobby.

Organised Jewish reaction to Nigel Farage

The Jewish Chronicle, which describes itself as “The world’s oldest Jewish newspaper. Since 1841”, was quick to respond. Daniel Sugarman wrote an article: “Farage condemned over ‘Jewish Lobby’ comment”. It was subtitled “he also discussed their “money and influence””.

Jewish News also noticed Farage’s reply to his caller: “Farage urged to apologise for ‘Jewish Lobby’ remark – Former UKIP leader and chief Brexit campaigner makes controversial comment during LBC radio show”.

Maya Oppenheim at The Independent also was outraged by Nigel Farage’s awareness of Jewish power in the US. “Nigel Farage: ‘Jewish Lobby’ has disproportionate power in the US”. Her article continued with a quotation from the Board of Deputies of British Jews, condemning Farage for “crossing the line into anti-Semitism”.

Peter Walker at The Guardian accused Farage of “anti-Semitic dog whistles” and claimed that Farage has given a number of interviews that draw on “far-right” conspiracy theories.

Meanwhile, under a subject heading “Nazis” (yes, really! Look it up), Becket Adams wrote an article entitled “Nigel Farage goes after the Jews”, in the Washington Examiner.

No-one can criticise Jewish power – not even Nigel Farage

That is just a small selection of the media reaction, in the UK, the US and Israel. This illustrates that anyone who criticises Jewish power is immediately silenced with accusations of “anti-Semitism”. The world Jewish community believes that it should be completely free from any external criticism.

But it cannot refute the suggestion that it has disproportionate power, so it shouts “Anti-Semitism!” as loudly as it can, hopefully terrifying all good liberals with the spectre of the Holocaust – because we all know where anti-Semitism leads!

As far as the organised Jewish community is concerned, any radio or television caller should never be allowed to make comments about disproportionate Jewish power. If a ‘rogue’ caller got through with such comments, then the programme host is supposed to ridicule and condemn those comments in the strongest terms, preferably referring to the Holocaust.


For now, the organised Jewish community tolerates Nigel Farage. The possible alternative of an authentic racial nationalist movement is too dreadful to imagine, for them. But Farage will have been given a warning. One day, when the Jews think that Nigel Farage has outlived his usefulness, they will chew him up and spit out the pieces. Because they never forget or forgive. All White Europeans are supposed to quake with fear.

But it is ironic that the Jews loudly protest that they don’t have huge political power, while at the same time exercising that very power that they deny possessing! It is called Chutzpah!