Things That Could Have Been

Philip Gegan

I’m in my mid-70s now, the time of life when it’s not uncommon to look back and think what life was like 50 or 60 years ago, and things that could have been.

And to think, as well, about the path that I have taken in life, and what were the most influencial factors that made me take that path.

In my case, one of the most important events that was to shape my whole future was the Rhodesian Unilateral Declaration of Independence (“UDI”), that took place in November 1965. I was seventeen and at the start of my second (and final) year in the sixth form at school. The previous year had seen a General Election and that had to some extent crystallised political opinion within our class of around 25 or so pupils, who made up the “Upper Sixth Arts”. I had avoided the many unofficial debates that had taken place at that time, because I didn’t know quite what stance to take. I was opposed to Labour on account of what my parents had told me about the Labour Government of 1945-51, but I wasn’t very happy with what the Conservative Government had been doing or impressed with the personalities associated with it.

To support the Liberal Party was out of the question, so I was rather in limbo, but nevertheless often attacked verbally by my fellow pupils because I didn’t support Labour. Most of them were fully taken in by the Labour Manifesto (“Let’s Go With Labour!”), but a few of them, still buoyed up by the 1962 “Liberal Revival”, manifested by Eric Lubbock’s victory for the Liberals at the nearby Orpington by-election, supported the Liberals.

Point to note here. Where I and my fellow pupils lived was a most desirable part of the country, though none of us appreciated it at the time. In the valley of the River Cray, where the overflow housing from Orpington and Petts Wood met the woodlands of North-West Kent, there was Chislehurst Common to the north-east, Petts Wood itself to the north, Orpington to the south, and the main A20 road running from London to the Channel Ports, cutting off St Mary Cray and Sidcup. London was comfortably far enough away at around ten or twelve miles, but close enough for a school visit to one of its theatres, or to catch a train up to Stratford upon Avon to see a Shakespeare play.

The inhabitants of the area were almost exclusively White. That was something that, in those days, was just taken for granted. There weren’t any black or asian pupils in the school. Not that there was any rule preventing it, of course. There just weren’t any living in the catchment area. None of the shops were owned or staffed by non-Whites. At home, there weren’t any non-Whites to speak of on the TV or radio. England’s cricket and football teams contained English players, and they were, of course, White. The postmen (and women, if there were any) were, of course, White. And English, apart from perhaps one or two Scots and Welsh. If one of your parents went to see a solicitor or accountant, a doctor or a dentist, an optician or a hairdresser, those people were invariably White. After all, that was obvious. Common sense. We lived in England, didn’t we? So what else would you expect?

Things That Could Have Been – if only!

But people knew what was going on. They just didn’t like to talk about it. You only had to take a bus to a neighbouring town and you would probably be giving your bus fare to a black bus conductor. That was something that had crept up on us over the last five to ten years.

Just along the road, the busy A20 that ran up to London, chock-a-block with commuter traffic each morning and evening, things were different. I think there was a vague realisation at that time in places like Orpington, Chislehurst, Petts Wood, Sidcup and Foots Cray. With cars and motor cycles now commonplace and travel easy and cheap, folks could see for themselves what was happening in parts of south London, not so far away, and confirm the rumours.

Even back in those days whole streets in some areas of the inner London suburbs were being occupied by blacks and other ethnic aliens. And occasionally on the TV there were programmes featuring life in northern towns which were now host to hundreds, even thousands, of coloured immigrants, as we were bold enough to call them in those days.

So that was the backdrop to the situation I found myself in at that time. My classmates and I engaged in a debate nearly every school day, sometimes humourous, sometimes hostile and intense, over the question of whether Rhodesian Prime Minister Ian Smith was right to declare UDI. He had done so in an attempt to preserve White rule in a country where, at that time, there were around 4 million inhabitants, only around a quarter of a million of whom were White.

Things I didn’t understand

There was something I really didn’t understand about all this. My classmates were, almost without exception, very intelligent, and several were extremely witty as well. After all, seventeen and eighteen year olds know everything worth knowing, right? And yet, in spite of all this intelligence, they all fell for the “majority rule” argument put out by all leftists when discussing colonial rule and the question of votes for natives of colonial countries. It was so simple. There were more blacks than there were Whites in Rhodesia, so therefore it was their country. The blacks should have equal voting rights and thereby handed the responsibility of running the country.

The fact that the Whites and their ancestors had built the country in the first place by providing the essential skills and building the infrastructure required for the whole system to function was contemptuously ignored. The fact that in every other African country where “majority rule” had been imposed by Westminster the result had invariably been chaos and bloodshed, especially black-on-black, was deemed irrelevant. The fact that the ability of large numbers of blacks to produce large numbers of children (kept alive through infancy to pro-creation age by the medical knowledge and skills introduced by Whites) was no qualification, on its own, for running a highly advanced country, was also very unpopular whenever I raised it.

Often I had my back to the wall, figuratively speaking. I stuck to my guns in spite of some of these simplified facts being put to me again and again. I knew nothing about racial differencies in those days. I just relied on instinct, and the fact that I knew I was right.

By the end of that academic year, when we had all taken our A-level exams and were leaving school, I had convinced one of my detractors that, actually, I was right. I’ve always regarded that as quite an accomplishment, especially as he had been the school representative at a regional school debating contest just a few months earlier.

When I left school, I worked for a year in the Strand, London, just opposite the Law Courts. It was a small insurance office with about 30 to 35 people of all ages working there. One of the life office reps used to buy the Yorkshire Post because it was “a good right wing newspaper”, but apart from him no-one seemed to be interested in politics or the direction the country was being taken.

It was the same with my friends at home. I was active in a sports club, and enjoyed the social life that went with it. Just as at school, I sometimes found myself in a heated debate about some aspect of politics where I was out of line with orthodox, respectable, thinking. Usually the topic was coloured immigration or our proposed membership of what was then the EEC (European Economic Community). What was it with these people, I often wondered. Why did they take a viewpoint that was so at variance with common sense? Because it was common sense that should have prevailed in these arguments.

Were they trying to be clever? They couldn’t all be stupid. Some of them went to university. I was yet to learn how a university education almost guaranteed a left-wing viewpoint on everything. Probably those people, or those of them that are still alive, retain their left-wing politics. Others were open to argument, and many came to agree, broadly, with my position. But they would never commit themselves. They were happy just to complain about the state of the country, and the way the politicians were selling it down the river. But they would never actually do anything.

Even when I introduced them to party literature, after I had joined the National Front and nailed my colours to the mast, they still wouldn’t actually do anything, other than agree with me. Were they just humouring me, pretending they agreed just for the sake of it, but never intending to help do anything about the situation? I don’t think so. I knew them too well for that.

I lost touch with most of these friends when I was forced to move to another part of the country. I made new friends in the National Front which I largely kept in spite of my relocation. I sometimes wonder now if any of my former friends regret their lack of action back in the 1960s and 1970s. Do they look around now at the state of the country, or read things in the newspaper, or see the news reports on the television, and have any feelings of remorse? Because it’s almost too late to do anything now. But it wasn’t back then, when they had other things to do….

British Nationalists –
Should we be pessimistic or optimistic?


Will Wright

Optimism floats

Optimism floats while pessimism sinks. You are unlikely to win at anything if you do not believe that you can, and will, win. Probably for this reason, some people believe that it is still better to be optimistic, even if you are later proved to be wrong, than to be pessimistic and then be proved right. And there are British Nationalists who think that they would rather go down proclaiming that they are right, even in defeat.

A part of modern political warfare appears to be psychological. You need to properly convince your own followers that you can win. But you also need to convince your enemies that their defeat is inevitable. That is what our enemies are doing: they are trying to convince racial nationalists that we cannot win.

Enemy propaganda suggests that British Nationalists are a small minority now and always will be. When George Galloway interviewed Martin Webster on the RT television channel, repatriation of non-Whites was discussed. Galloway asked, “But it is too late now, isn’t it?” Martin replied that London’s Blacks “are not happy here”.

A viewer asked Nigel Farage, on GB News, whether ‘Woke’ could ever be defeated. Farage replied that “Of course it can! The political pendulum swings back and forth. Political fashions change”.

Optimism is important. Of course, it is easier to be optimistic if you enjoy good health and are reasonably physically fit. Young people especially should be optimistic. It is downright evil when young people are encouraged to commit suicide by some internet propagandists.

Optimism is a good starting point. But political crusaders should also know what it is that they want to achieve. We should know what a British Nationalist victory will look like. Because it is hard to score a goal if you don’t know where the goalposts are. It is hard to hit a target if you don’t know where the target is. We need to know our ideology. Leaders should also have a strategy for winning political power, because that is the aim of all realistic politics.

Enemies of our British Nationalist cause?

If we need to be optimistic, then is everyone within our ranks who sows the seeds of pessimism an internal enemy of sorts, intentionally or otherwise? Is everyone who wants to change our ideology an enemy? The short answer to both these questions seems to be yes.

We need to believe that we can win. We need to believe that policies such as repatriation are moderate and necessary and must win mainstream support. We need to know what we are aiming for. Anyone who deliberately interferes with either our morale, or our ideological principles, is hurting our cause.

But I think our optimism should be tempered by realism. That we have to face facts. We have to deal with the world as it really is, not as we would like it to be. We have to face unpalatable truths – about our country, and about our movement.

Bad ideas can be defeated. Both Karl Marx and Sigmund Freud have gone out of fashion. Their ideas are now discredited. Now we need to see the ideas of Franz Boas defeated. The man who told us that there is no such thing as Race. We need to see the ideas of the Frankfurt School defeated. The group that gave the world political correctness. Cultural Marxism is a greater evil than the original Communism from which it sprang.

If we are optimistic about defeating bad ideas, then what about the race problem? When racial minorities were a small number of people they could have been comparatively easily repatriated. Larger numbers of racial foreigners will present a greater problem. They could still be repatriated, but over a longer period of time. Provided that a reasonably big majority of the indigenous population are supportive of the idea.

But the larger the alien presence, the harder it is to remove. That is why our enemies want open borders and miscegenation. Provided that most White people don’t interbreed with non-Whites, then repatriation is, in theory, always possible.

Even a White minority population, in our own country, could conceivably win, even if this is highly unlikely. This couldn’t be done democratically, at that point.

The only way that racial nationalism could be permanently defeated is if the British population became almost totally of mixed race through inter-racial breeding. That is why this evil idea is being continually plugged in our television advertising and tv dramas etc.

A new threat is identified

Edward Dutton writes that our population is becoming increasingly of a lower intelligence. He adds that this process has been happening now for over two hundred years. He is writing about the indigenous population, quite apart from any low intelligence immigrants now here. Those of you who want to know why and how this has happened should read his book mentioned in a previous post.

If British Nationalists were in power, then we could take steps to reverse this. But when we are a small political minority, we cannot. But a low intelligence country (however that happens) is ripe for invasion. This is an alarming problem. Especially with a resurgent China that is resentful against us because of the imperial era. Chinese conquerors are not likely to treat us well.

Is Dutton a pessimist for mentioning the decline in the intelligence of the national population? No. He is sounding the alarm. British Nationalists should be aware of this. If civilisations have always risen and then fallen as a law of nature because of the process that Edward Dutton describes then this is hardly Dutton’s fault. But we could take steps to reverse this, or at least slow things down.

Time is against us. We should still not be afraid to know what the threats to our survival are. But we must believe in the potential for a racial nationalist victory. We must spread our ideas in order to make that possible, when the time is right.

‘Ridley Road’, BBC lies and
the re-writing of history

Bill Baillie, the editor of Nation Revisited, has had his web site sabotaged by the likes of Google. He has asked that re-publish the material that Google has objected to, and in the interests of freedom of expression we are pleased to do so. The following article relates to a BBC Television history-rewriting exercise in the form of a highly ficticious, extreme left-wing slanted drama called "Ridley Road", broadcast in the autumn of 2021.
I posted Martin Webster’s article on my blog European Outlook but it was taken down by Google for violating their Community Guidelines. I thank Anglo-Celtic for defending free speech.

Bill Baillie

The information you mention from Mike Whine, a one-time ‘Defence Director’ of the Board of Deputies of British Jews, to the effect that the creation of the Jewish terrorist ’62 Group’ was prompted by the National Socialist Movement’s violent attacks on sundry Jewish and Israeli organisations in the UK is utter tosh.

This invention was surely provided to cover for gratuitous Jewish violence, indeed terrorism, by the 62 Group gang who were inspired by the Zionist terrorist group the Irgun and mobilised, among others, by Soho club owner and gangster Harry Bidney.

I have never heard of the Jewish/Israeli organisation which Whine specified – and I have been taking the Jewish Chronicle for most of my adult life. I certainly never heard those names mentioned in the (very small) membership circles of the NSM – let alone where their HQs were, let alone plans to attack them.

During my time in the NSM (mid-1962 to late-1963) the NSM was too preoccupied staging publicity stunts such as:

  • The “Free Britain from Jewish Control” rally in Trafalgar Square in July 1962. No more than 15 NSM members were present at this, confronted by about 2,000 Jews! My attendance got me expelled from the League of Empire Loyalists and so I migrated to the NSM.
  • Later that month smuggling the American Nazi Party leader Lincoln Rockwell into the UK contrary to a government banning order.
  • Ending that month, the ‘Camp in the Cotswolds’, attended by no more than 20 NSM members, along with two or three Germans, the strange Anglo-Greek , Hinduism convert, “NS philosopher” Savitri Devi – and Lincoln Rockwell.

These stunts infuriated the government – to say nothing of Jewry! – so the NSM was still rewarded with a Police raid on its Notting Hill, west London, HQ. The prosecution of the movement’s leadership (Colin Jordan, John Tyndall, Ian Roland Kerr-Ritchie and Denis Pirie) followed soon after on Public Order Act charges to do with running a private army. They were found not guilty of doing this, but guilty of “giving reasonable apprehension” that they were! They were sentenced, variously, to between three and nine months in jail.

During this period the membership of the NSM, such as it was, melted away. The movement’s HQ, now my habitation, was left in my charge (a 19 year old!) Nocturnal attacks on the building were frequent. Only two or three supporters ever called by – one of whom, decades later – was identified at his funeral by a retired Police officer as a former salaried agent of MI6!

The reason why I give this brief 1962/1963 history of the NSM is to illustrate that the leadership was too swept up by events to contemplate, let alone organise, the kind of terrorism alleged by Mike Whine, and that the membership was so vanishingly small and so quickly scattered to the winds, that there were no ‘soldiers’ available to carry out such attacks – which, to the best of my recollection, were not reported by the media at that time.

John Tyndal, Denis Pirie and I quit the NSM in late 1963 in order to set up the Greater Britain Movement. We left the NSM in the hands of Colin Jordan and his newly-married French wife Françoise Dior. Thereafter, Jordan tended to spend his time in the North Yorkshire moors, while she took charge of the London HQ.

Under her influence (so it was claimed in court) a couple of silly teenage lads attempted in 1964 to burn down two synagogues. They failed and along with Mrs Jordan, they were jailed. That is the nearest the NSM ever came to acts of terrorism. Nothing remotely of the order alleged by Mike Whine and – NB! – more than two years after the 62 Group was deploying its cosh, razor and fire-bomb activities.

Mike Whine’s pretext for the formation and vicious gangster activities of the 62 Group does not bear scrutiny. That, of course, will not have deterred the BBC from basing a TV series on such mendacity. You, Philip Gegan and I have discovered the enormity of the BBC’s appetite for lies when we came to complain about a BBC Radio 4/BBC Sounds series ‘about’ the National Front – in particular, the August 1977 “Battle of Lewisham”.

More of than anon.

Best wishes to all patriots,


Much Worse than Rotherham: How British Politicians, Police and Feminists Are Guilty of Systemic Rapism

November 19, 2020

British Politicians, Police and Feminists Are Guilty of Systemic Rapism. That is the serious charge laid by the author of this post, originally published by The Occidental Observer and written by Tobias Langdon. The scandal of the Pakistani-Muslim run child sex slave rackets that have grown up in dozens of British towns and cities, not all of them in the north, is something that the establishment still seeks to suppress. Politically motivated mostly Labour-run local councils, Police Commissioners, and the mainstream media all turn a blind eye to the criminal exploitation of young, vulnerable White children, who have no-one to protect them, at the hands of ruthless, inhumane and unimaginably cruel Asian migrants.

In the year 2000, the small Yorkshire town of Rotherham was little-known in Britain, let alone overseas. In 2020, Rotherham is infamous around the world as a place where Pakistani rape-gangs have been raping, prostituting and murdering working-class White girls for decades. Meanwhile, the staunchly socialist and fiercely feminist Labour council and Labour MP, Denis MacShane, helped the rapists by either ignoring their crimes or actively suppressing news of what was going on.

Piranha-enrichment programmes

In other words, Rotherham was the scene of systemic rapism, that is, of systemic collusion by politicians, police and feminists in an engrained Pakistani culture of rape and misogyny. But although the Rotherham rape-gangs are now world-infamous, a very important question about their activities has barely been asked by the British media. To see what that question is, let’s look at a simple allegory that even leftists should be able to understand. Suppose that next week a British journalist comes across a small lake in Yorkshire called Rotherpool and discovers that left-wing ecologists began enriching it in the 1950s by introducing piranhas to its boringly bland waters. Anyone who objected to the piranha-enrichment on behalf of native fish was accused of vile speciesism and sternly lectured that all fish are the same under the scales.

Fish are all the same under the scales: some piranha teeth

The journalist investigates further and discovers that, sure enough, the piranhas have been preying savagely on native fish right since their introduction. Meanwhile, left-wing ecologists and fish-wardens helped the piranhas by either ignoring their predation or actively suppressing news of what was going on. The journalist does his job, informs the British public, and a scandal erupts about the ecological disaster visited on Rotherpool. But that isn’t the end of the scandal. There are much bigger lakes elsewhere in Yorkshire: Sheffmere, Bradwater and Lake Leeds. The journalist and his colleagues naturally investigate whether piranha-enrichment has been going on there too. Indeed it has and the journalists discover that even bigger ecological disasters have taken place in those bigger lakes — and in truly giant lakes elsewhere in Britain.

Pakistani-enrichment programmes

The allegory is ridiculous, of course: leftists would never introduce dangerous alien species like piranhas into British lakes. And they certainly wouldn’t pretend that all fish are the same under the scales and that “species” isn’t a valid scientific concept. Leftists aren’t irrational, stupid and malign people, after all. They don’t want to cause or conceal horrendous unnecessary suffering. At least, they don’t when it comes to important native creatures like fish. But when it comes to unimportant native creatures like the White working-class, leftists are happy to both cause and conceal suffering on an endless and industrial scale.

The point of the allegory should be obvious even to leftists. For “piranhas,” read “Pakistanis.” For “lakes,” read “towns and cities.” It wasn’t just the small town of Rotherham that experienced a Pakistani-enrichment programme. Big cities in Yorkshire like Leeds, Sheffield and Bradford did too. So an obvious — and almost unaddressed — question arises from the Rotherham scandal. If Pakistanis have been behaving so badly in a small town, what have they been doing in big cities nearby? And what have they been doing in even bigger British cities like London, Manchester and Birmingham?

Only Non-White Lives Matter

The British media haven’t been been trying to answer this question, but in fact the answer is already known. The Rotherham scandal was horrific, but much worse things have been happening elsewhere in Britain. Rape-gangs of Pakistanis and other non-Whites have been operating with the complicity not just of supposed feminists in the Labour party but also of the police. Let’s take the big city of Manchester, where a policewoman called Maggie Oliver worked on an investigation into child sex-abuse called Operation Augusta, which began sixteen years ago in 2004. As Maggie Oliver witnessed at first hand, senior officers weren’t serious about ending child sexual abuse. And unlike many thousands of her tough male colleagues who witnessed the same thing both in Manchester and elsewhere, Oliver wasn’t prepared to be complicit in what she calls “gross criminal neglect and misfeasance in public office” by those senior officers.

One Black Life Matters; Countless White Lives Don’t

So she resigned from the Greater Manchester Police, campaigned for the victims, and was instrumental in exposing the so-called Rochdale scandal, in which White working-class girls in the small town of Rochdale had been raped and prostituted by Pakistani men. Nine Pakistanis were convicted, but they represented a new leftist adaptation of an old legal strategy. You’ve heard about specimen charges, selected when a criminal has committed too many offences for a court to deal with speedily and efficiently. The nine Pakistanis in Rochdale were specimen defendants, selected because a “community” contained too many criminals for the authorities to charge without embarrassment.

A nationwide problem

In truth, not just dozens, not just hundreds, but thousands of Pakistani men should be prosecuted and imprisoned for the sex-crimes they have committed against White girls and women in Brave New Britain. This is what Maggie Oliver wrote in 2020:

Operation Augusta engaged with other British police forces and we soon realised there was a nationwide problem, where in other cities and areas, including Liverpool, West Yorkshire, Bradford, Keighley, Birmingham and Bristol, young girls were being groomed and then raped by predominantly Pakistani men. Some examples of this were broadcast in the documentary by Dispatches, titled ‘Edge of the City’, in August 2004. Subsequent revelations about grooming gangs in other towns and cities such as Rotherham, Telford, Rochdale and Oxford all demonstrated a similar pattern.

By the spring of 2004, I had a detailed list of 207 men who we believed had abused at least 26 young girls. I recall that these men were all Asian. I am certain that these numbers are a massive underestimation of the true scale of child abuse. I know this because the numbers were strictly ring-fenced by the Greater Manchester Police as they did not wish for the investigation to escalate further. (Witness Statement of Margaret Oliver to the Independent Enquiry in Child Abuse, February 2020)

That is from Maggie Oliver’s Witness Statement to a massive “Independent Enquiry in Child Abuse” that was set up in response to such scandals as the repeated and prolonged failure of the authorities to prosecute Greville Janner, a senior Jewish politician and community-leader, on credible charges of raping gentile boys. The Enquiry hasn’t got to Janner’s case yet or investigated child-abuse among Orthodox Jews. This may be because it’s less an Enquiry than an Unenquiry, designed not to expose the truth but to obscure it. Maggie Oliver has said this about the Enquiry:

There is a massive imbalance in the witnesses, or the participants that have been called, and it meant that the vast majority of the time was being given to those organisations who have failed and still failing victims and survivors of child sexual exploitation and grooming gangs. … I provided a 58-page witness statement and I wanted to give give evidence to the inquiry, which was denied. … Forty pages of my statement were deleted, all the statements were hidden behind numbers and symbols on the website. …

You would imagine with a problem identified in the northern towns and cities like Rotherham and Rochdale and Middlesbrough and Halifax, you would have one of those towns included in a public inquiry looking at grooming gangs. Not one was included. So we had an area like Swansea, St Helens, Warwickshire. … I know this isn’t a historical problem it is going on in every town and city in the north of England. Even now, even today and I have information from this weekend [October 2020]. This is not a historical problem.

The establishment don’t want to hear that truth, they peddle out the same platitudes. They always say these are historical failures. These are not historical failures. These are current failures, that every single day children are being groomed by gangs of predatory men. (Maggie Oliver blasts national child abuse inquiry and says not enough is being done to help young survivors, Manchester Evening News, 19th October 2020)

Maggie Oliver is right: “The establishment don’t want to hear that truth.” And why not? Because the truth contradicts the massive lie at the heart of Britain’s new state religion of minority worship. According to this new religion, the White majority are evil oppressors and non-White minorities are saintly victims.

One victim among thousands: Victoria Agoglia was raped, injected with heroin, and murdered by Pakistanis in Manchester

That’s why the quick and relatively painless murder of the Black teenager Stephen Lawrence by a White gang in 1993 has been endlessly re-visited by the national media, while the prolonged and extremely painful murders of the White teenagers Kriss Donald and Mary-Ann Leneghan by non-White gangs in 2005 were long ago forgotten. Just as in the United States, non-Whites commit violent crime against Whites in Britain much more often than the reverse.

Labour don’t care about “white trash”

Non-Whites also commit massive amounts of violent crime against each other. Minority worship makes this problem worse. Like the martyr-cult of George Floyd in America, the martyr-cult of Stephen Lawrence has caused thousands of extra deaths in the so-called Black community, because it has made the police ever-more reluctant to enforce the law against non-Whites. But even as the martyr-cult demands that the British police worship non-Whites, it also demands that they neglect the welfare of Whites. Here is Maggie Oliver again, describing how her police colleagues viewed the White victims of Pakistani child-rapists:

Attitudes towards these kids seemed to be ingrained and widespread. They were widely viewed by fellow officers, senior officers and politicians as ‘white trash’ or the ‘underclass’. In this new millennium, they were seen as ‘losers’. As a result, they were left to fend for themselves, which they clearly couldn’t do. (Witness Statement of Margaret Oliver, 2020)

As its name proclaims, the Labour party was founded to serve and defend the White working-class. But in Labour-controlled Manchester, White working-class girls were dismissed as ‘white trash’ and ‘underclass.’ They were abandoned to the violent predation of Pakistani Muslims, whom the Labour party were not founded to serve and whose presence in Britain has always and overwhelmingly been opposed by the White working-class.

Rich Jewish lawyers

This betrayal by Labour is a scandal far greater and far more prolonged than the “anti-Semitism” that supposedly blighted the party under Jeremy Corbyn. As I pointed out in “Labour’s Shame,” Jews in Britain are not being raped, prostituted, murdered and ethnically cleansed with the encouragement and complicity of the Labour party. Jews are a rich overclass in Britain, not the victims of decades of violent crime and official neglect. But the Equalities and Human Rights Commission (EHRC) rides to battle against Labour on behalf of Jews, not of behalf of Whites. The EHRC’s concern for Jews and not for Whites is entirely predictable, given that the EHRC is headed by two rich Jewish lawyers, Rebecca Hilsenrath and David Isaac.

The EHRC is not interested in genuine crimes and genuine suffering. Instead, it is interested in protecting Jewish power and privilege, and in extending the scope and fanaticism of minority-worship. That’s why the EHRC won’t be calling on Maggie Oliver to describe what she witnessed in Manchester after taking leave to nurse her terminally ill husband:

When I returned in September 2005 I found that the investigations [into child-sex abuse] had been closed down. I found that rather than investigating, arresting and prosecuting the serial sexual offenders for the multiple rapes that had been perpetrated against dozens of young girls in Manchester, elements of the Greater Manchester Police were instead just warning the abusers under the Child Abduction Act and allowing them to evade justice. … I believe that a link to this might have been the July 2005 (‘7/7’) bombings in London, in which 52 people were killed by home-grown terrorists using explosive devices on public transport in the capital. Race relations were very fractious as a result, and there was hesitancy, I felt, from the police to take any steps that might inflame racial tensions — including investigating widespread abuse by predominantly Pakistani men.

My gut feeling at the time was that the young victims of sexual abuse in Manchester were overlooked, partly because of their class background, and dismissed as ‘slags’ or ‘slappers’ and ‘child prostitutes’ (a term I utterly reject — no child can consent to be a ‘prostitute’). There were also no parents to fight for these children, as they were all already in the care system. They did not have a voice and the government and senior authorities within the Greater Manchester Police were not listening. The term often used was that the child victims were making “a lifestyle choice.”

I feel that the closing down of Operation Augusta in 2005 was a travesty and a missed opportunity for the Greater Manchester Police to prevent so much abuse that would later take place. I believe that had they pressed ahead and prosecuted more people implicated in Augusta we would have caught the abusers at the centre of the Operation Span inquiry. I believe that the senior officers who made the decision to close Operation Augusta are guilty of gross criminal neglect and misfeasance in public office. (Witness Statement of Margaret Oliver, 2020)

In its scale, the abuse in Manchester has plainly been much worse than the abuse in Rotherham. But there has been no scandal about what has gone on in Manchester — and is still going on. And there have also been no scandals about abuse in London and Birmingham, Britain’s largest and second-largest cities, which have been enriched by non-White predators just as Manchester has.

Fighting antisemitism, ignoring rape and murder

Why no scandals about abuse in these big cities? Maggie Oliver has answered that: “The establishment don’t want to hear [the] truth.” And recall these other words in her witness statement: the White working-class victims “did not have a voice.” But the Labour party that controls Manchester was founded precisely to give the White working-class a voice — and a sword and shield to defend itself. In Rotherham, Labour snatched that sword and shield away, and left White working-class girls voiceless as they were preyed on by non-Whites. Meanwhile, the Labour MP for Rotherham, life-long feminist Denis MacShane, was working for Jews in far-off London and chairing an “all-party … inquiry into antisemitism which,” he proudly boasts, “was hailed as a model of its kind and changed government policy.”

But bad as it was, Labour’s betrayal in Rotherham was only a small part of a much bigger betrayal. Much worse has happened in bigger cities not just in Yorkshire but wherever Pakistanis and other predatory non-Whites have been imported against the clearly expressed opposition of the White working-class. And it isn’t just thousands of non-White child-rapists who should be prosecuted, but thousands of treacherous White politicians, officials, academics and journalists, from prime ministers like Tony Blair and David Cameron on down.

Brave New Britain is built on lies

Blair and Cameron were busy working for the tiny Jewish minority when they should have been working for the White majority. And what happens when the majority loses control of its own nation to a predatory and ethnocentric minority like Jews? You get the partly exposed horrors of Rotherham and the worse but still barely exposed horrors of Manchester, Birmingham, London, Sheffield, Leeds and Bradford. Much worse than Rotherham has happened and is still happening in Britain.

Meanwhile, minority-worship and the martyr-cult of Stephen Lawrence continue to control politics, academia and the media. These false new religions insist that Britain is ravaged by the scourge of “systemic racism” against non-Whites. This is a lie. The real racism is against Whites and one symptom of that racism is systemic rapism, or the collusion of politicians, police and feminists in decade after decade of rape committed by non-Whites against Whites. Brave New Britain is built on lies, but those lies will sooner or later crumble. Then the prosecution of traitors like Blair and Cameron can begin.

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The Orwellian Concept of ‘Hate Crime’

The Orwellian concept of ‘hate crime’ is here, without any mandate, and our Police Force are enthusiastically supporting it. This is an insidious attack on freedom of expression and must be opposed with all our might. Below is an image of the opening part of the email I recently received as a member of my local Neighbourhood Alert Scheme, together with my reply to them. Any further correspondence relating to it will be published here.

Philip Gegan

orwellian concept of hate crime

Dear Sirs,

I set out below, for your information, a copy of the letter I sent on 16th October to the Chief Constable.

Dear Mr Cole

“Hate Crime” Awareness Week 2020

I write in connection with an email I received this week from Neighbourhood Alert, which I believe is run in conjunction with Leicestershire Police. It invited me to support something called “Hate Crime Awareness Week 2020”.

Whilst I support law and order and proper punishments for real crimes, I am not going to support your ridiculous appeal for people to “pledge their support for ‘hate crime’ awareness week”.

The reality is that there is no such thing as a “hate crime”. The attempt to create such an absurdity has only come into existence over the last few years as the assault on our ancient freedoms and liberties by the left has gathered momentum.

Persecuting law-abiding people who express their politically incorrect opinions on Facebook or Twitter is, I suppose, an easier task than taking on hardened criminals who are literally getting away with murder every day.

We have in this country a tradition of freedom of speech that has served us well for hundreds of years, and that we all have a duty to treasure. This freedom has been under attack for several decades, and I for one will not let the madness of “political correctness” destroy it.

My father and grandfather, in their times, marched off to war in the belief that they were defending, among other things, freedom of speech. My uncle gave his life at the age of 25, before I was born, in defending this country from tyranny, and I won’t betray his sacrifice.

Yes, persecuting people for “hate crime” is a form of tyranny. It, together with its twin bastard-brother, “diversity”, is an insidious attack on our very existence as a people and nation. At a time when serious crime and drug offences are spiraling out of control, I am appalled that our own police force, rather than focusing on this horrendous situation, should be virtue-signaling in this way and enthusiastically endorsing the enemies of free speech. I can only suppose that no thought was put into it.

Speaking of thought, I suppose next year you’ll be inviting us to support “Thought Crime Awareness Week”.

Shame on you.

Yours sincerely,

Philip Gegan

Mr Simon Cole,
Chief Constable
Leicestershire Constabulary Force HQ
St. Johns
LE19 2BX