Homes For Heroes

I believe it was Lloyd George, the early twentieth century British politician, who first coined the phrase, “Homes fit for heroes”, when campaigning for re-election after the First World War.

The returning heroes and heroines of the Great War should have at the very least found a land that showed its appreciation for their sacrifices by allowing them to own their own homes for a reasonable price.

In reality things hadn’t changed from a hundred years earlier, when veterans of Wellington’s victorious army were within a few years reduced to selling matches on the streets in order to survive.

Now in 2011, when for the thousandth time many of our young men and women are fighting foreign wars – wars created and stoked up by the financial “elite” of the corrupt international banking system – they are coming back to be homeless in their own country.

Many, of course, don’t come back alive, or return with hideous injuries that have wrecked their young lives. They have to accept pitiful financial help from the government – far less than the average “celebrity” receives in a silly libel action – to help pay for the ongoing care they’ll need for the rest of their lives.

But those who do manage to return to civilian life uninjured then have to join the rest of the youth of our country in tackling the almost hopeless task of getting their own house.

The bankster-inspired recession has meant that house prices have continued to rise while wages and salaries of ordinary folk have stagnated. And house-building is at its lowest for over a hundred years.

Even in wartime we were building more houses than we are now. Only the rich can afford their own home without a lengthy struggle to save a deposit.

In fact here in Britain the average deposit required to purchase a house is approaching £30,000 (about $50,000 USD). Not so long ago that amount could have purchased outright a very comfortable, spacious house in any area other than the big cities.

And after saving such a large sum the house owner then has to mortgage himself for 30 years or more with a horrendous debt that takes the lion’s share of his salary each month.

How the banksters are laughing. What fools we are for having allowed this pitiful state of affairs to have come about in what was not so long ago a mighty country and seat of a worldwide empire.

The banksters are refusing to lend enough money to would-be home buyers, in spite of having more than enough under the rules of their sick system. House builders are also suffering at the hands of the financiers in a similar way, hence the shortage of new housing.

As a result five million people here in Great Britain are on council house waiting lists, with millions more living in overcrowded, sub-standard conditions. At the same time, huge million pound properties in Central London and other cities are let out at the taxpayer’s expense to foreigners who have come to Britain to live off the backs of us ordinary working folk.

In town and country, houses that would otherwise be available to our own young people are instead occupied by rich foreigners, or by other rich people as “weekend retreats”, and so kept empty for much of the time.

This is the result of having an “open market” decide the price of houses, of allowing millions of inassimilable foreigners into our own breeding ground to out-breed us, and of allowing rich celebrities and banksters and all the other favoured yet useless classes who seem to be good at amassing large sums of money to own as many houses as they want, where they want.

It’s also the result, let’s not forget, of having been duped into accepting as “normal” a debt-based money system that makes sense only to the international financial “elite”, the “hidden hand” behind modern history.

Who in their right minds, if they weren’t corrupt, would accept a banking system which has resulted, as of November 2010, in a national debt burden of £2,492bn when the total amount of money in circulation is only £2,186bn, a discrepancy of some £306bn?

There’s not enough money in circulation to repay all the money we supposedly owe to the banks. Not that the banksters want their debts to be repaid – they love to be the debt-masters, calling the tune, responsible to no-one but themselves, telling debtor-governments and compliant politicians what to do (and what not to do) and arranging their “super-government administrations” to shepherd us all into an Orwellian nightmare of a world government.

The banksters, through their controlled media (96 per cent or so), will mercilessly attack any man or woman strong enough to stand up to them and draw attention to their crimes.

But we need such a man – and soon. Or it will be too late.

John Northwind

Why A Recovery Isn’t Going To Happen

No country has a free press any more. That went long ago. All the newspapers, magazines, publishing houses, film industry, television and radio have over the years fallen into the ownership of the financial elite, who own just about everything else as well.

That’s why hardly anyone knows about the financial racket that envelopes the whole of the western world, and most other countries as well.

Here in England it started in 1694 with the establishment of the Bank of England. This was before the Act of Union with Scotland. Otherwise most probably it would have been called the “Bank of Great Britain” or “Bank of the UK”. The Bank of England was set up to lend money to the government so it could pursue its wars in France, and the amount lent was said to be £14 million.

Where this money actually came from or how it was raised by just a handful of people led by one William Patterson is something on which information is scarce. But ever since then we in England, or the United Kingdom, have had a “National Debt”, and the practice of bank lending to provide finance to governments, corporations and individuals has become the norm.

I’m not going into “fractional reserve” banking or the fraudulent practice of all banks in lending money that the banking system creates out of nothing, but I will cover just one aspect of it that relates to the state of our economy at this time (February 2011).

There’s much talk in what we know as the “media” of a “recovery” from the recession. The media, remember, is owned and controlled by the financial elite, itself implacably opposed to the existence of strong, independent nation-states controlled by their own people.

The media really does want us to believe that a recovery from the financial and economic mess is about to happen, in spite of

  • record numbers of insolvencies
  • most of our productive industry having been permanently destroyed by foreign competition
  • the National Debt running at record high levels and consuming a larger and larger proportion of our GDP by way of interest payments.

The truth is that our economy is in terminal decline. And the reason for this is the banking system and the burden of debt that we have been labouring under for over 300 years. The moneyed interests in this sick system care nothing for our country, nor for any country in which they choose to reside. They despise the ordinary people.

How else could the likes of Goldman Sachs (described recently as a great vampire squid wrapped around the face of humanity, relentlessly jamming its blood funnel into anything that smells like money) pay their bankers such grotesquely huge bonuses within months of having played a major role in the financial disasters of 2008-10 and left the US taxpayer holding the bill.

These people have forced the system of “free trade” upon us and, through their control of the media and the educational system, created the myth that there is no other option, that any form of protectionism would somehow cause even more bankruptcies, loss of trade, unemployment and poverty.

Protectionism, by the way, is how the United States in the nineteenth century kept European manufactured goods out of their home market and built up their own industry until by the end of the century it was the largest and richest economy in the world, producing just about everything it needed, with a healthy surplus to export.

Take a look at Britain’s National Debt here, and the US National Debt here.

Frightening, isn’t it? How are we ever going to get out of debt other than by repudiating it? And abolishing the whole sick fraud on which it’s based, and creating our own folk-based money system, free of debt and administered according to the needs of our people.

But that is going to take a revolution.

Why Our Economy Is Bust

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