Why Our Economy Is Bust

Here are a few links to articles explaining some of the things wrong with the banking system afflicting the western world, including Anglo-Celtic nations.

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The Criminal Rothschilds

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Economic Globalisation, the Economy Downturn and the Real Truth

The £1.3 Trillion Black Hole

Free Trade and the Credit Crunch

The Credit Crunch – More of What You Need To Know

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More Freedom of Speech – But For Whom?

So Britain’s Deputy Prime Minister, Nick Clegg, has announced a reform to the libel laws, so as to allow more freedom of speech.

He says, “This Government wants to restore our international reputation for free speech.We intend to provide a new statutory defence for those speaking out in the public interest. And to clarify the law around the existing defences of fair comment, and justification.”

Well, if he and this government are that concerned about our “international reputation for free speech” then perhaps he ought to look at the so-called Equalities and Human Rights Act, itself the current successor of the repressive Race Relations Acts of the 1960s and 1970s.

He ought to look at the current practice of classifying any vocal opposition to mass immigration and the destruction of the White race through miscegenation as “hate crime” and punishable with lengthy prison sentences.

It is the promotion of non-whites in the media, sports and culture, the encouragement of our beautiful White children to mix and marry with non-whites and the resulting miscegenation that is the real and ultimate hate crime.

But somehow I doubt that Clegg or this government had in mind this particular repression of free speech. All talk of allowing more freedom of speech while at the same time continuing the all-out assault on our very racial existence, and criminalizing any opposition to multi-racialism, is just meaningless.

John Northwind

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