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The Skripal Affair

It’s hard to say what event has dominated the news of March 2018 – there are so many of them. So let’s take it chronologically. On the 4th of March in Salisbury, England, former Russian military intelligence officer and British spy Sergei Skripal and his daughter Yulia were poisoned with a Novichok nerve agent developed in the former Soviet Union between the 1970s and early 1990s.

Yulia Skirpal is a Russian citizen who was visiting her father, Sergei, who has been a British citizen and living here since 2010. He had been imprisoned in Russia in 2006 for 13 years for treason, having worked for the UK’s Secret Intelligence Service for nine years. He was released after a few years, following the Illegals Program spy swop.

The incident was immediately used by Prime Minister Teressa May and most of the establishment media to mount a diplomatic attack on Russia in general, and on President Putin in particular, who was accused of having personally authorised the attempted murder.

But why would the Russian government want to murder Skirpal in such a convoluted way? And in a way (involving the Novichok nerve agent) that was guaranteed to bring accusations against itself and be used as an excuse by the West to further tighten sanctions? The whole episode has false flag written all over it.

A useful insight into the background of Western hostility to Russia under President Putin can be read here.

Who Orchestrated the Trump Election Win?

The controlled media would have us believe that the Russians manipulated the US 2016 presidential election so as to get Donald Trump into the White House (or, at least, to keep Hillary Clinton out).

But now, at last, it seems the real truth is coming out – that an obscure private company – a data harvesting firm – called Cambridge Analytica had its fingers in that particular pie right up to their armpits.

Data harvesting is a term that has come to the fore in recent years. You can’t go online for long without meeting an attempt to collect your personal data. All the social media companies do it, and most multinationals do it, including, of course, Google and Microsoft.

Until recently such data was used to build profiles of as many individuals as possible in order to target them with advertising that would bring the most profitable results. Now, the next logical step has been taken. And that is to use such data not just for advertising but also for political persuasion. It seems Trump’s campaign used Cambridge Analytica to target people who were deemed sympathetic to his campaign, or at least hostile to Hillary Clinton’s campaign, to actually turn out and vote for Trump.

Trump is popularly represented in the media as just the sort of politician that millions of ordinary Americans support. Bigoted, extreme right wing, even racist up to a point, as his Mexican wall project implies. His “Make America Great Again” theme throughout the campaign hit home with enough voters to see him through.

But Trump is also a globalist and a Zionist. He personally invited the Israeli prime minister, Netanyahu, to attend his inauguration. He has authorised the moving of the US Embassy in Israel from Tel Aviv (the capital of Israel) to Jerusalem, as a slap in the face to the Palestinians. He has a Jewish son in law who, while Trump himself is embroilled in the affairs of state until at least 2021, is running the family businesses.

It’s interesting to note that one of the key states that voted Trump in 2016 is Florida, with its large Jewish population. This pattern was repeated in several other states with a large Jewish population. You’d think that, with Trump making all kinds of patriotic noises in his campaign, Jews would overwhelmingly vote against him, but not so. They flocked to vote FOR him. There must be something in it for them, or for Israel, and not just the relocation of the US Embassy.

It wasn’t just Jews at the bottom who played a key part in Trump’s election. It was those at the top as well. This brings us back to Cambridge Analytica. Their CEO is someone called Alexander Nix. Nix has boasted that he can employ “Israeli companies” to collect intelligence on politicians that Cambridge Analytica is paid to slander, defame and entrap.

So it seems that if any foreign power can be justly accused of meddling in the US election, it isn’t Russia. It’s more likely to be Israel. Read more about the unfolding Cambridge Analytica scandal here.

Brexit Under Attack

Since the Brexit victory of June 2016 the enemies of national independence and freedom have re-grouped and launched one attack after another in a desperate attempt to have the result declared unlawful or reversed by way of a second referendum or a general election.

Their latest attempt is to have the result declared invalid on account of illegal activities having been indulged in by Vote Leave, one of the main organisations that worked for a pro-Brexit result.

One person maintaining a high profile in this manouver is Christopher Wylie, who used to be Director of Research at… Cambridge Analytica. He recently spilled the beans on how that firm had “harvested data” (ie stolen personal details of individuals) from 50 million Facebook users.

As I’m writing this he is giving evidence to the UK’s Digital, Culture, Media and Sport Committee, and alleging that the questionable, possibly illegal, activities of Cambridge Analytica, which had been retained by the Vote Leave campaign in 2015-16, may well have swayed the result of the referendum.

And what illegal activities did the Pro-Remain organisations get up to? How much did they overspend by? The Remain campaign set up five pro-remain groups in the closing weeks of the campaign and funnelled £1 million to them, according to some reports. If that’s correct then it puts all the allegations against Vote Leave in the shade. But right now the Commons are having a two hour debate on allegations that Vote Leave (and Vote Leave alone?) broke election spending rules in the referendum campaign. Read more about all the accusations and counter-accusations here.

Brexit is under seige. We must hold out for the referendum result to stand at all costs.

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