March 2018 Digest

Some of the best items we have seen on the Net in January and February 2018

Israel orders African refugees to leave country within three months or face prison - The Independent

Israel’s Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, calls them ‘infiltrators’

Meanwhile, here’s what these Jews want to do to us. One law for them, another one for non-Jews.

Engineer behind anti-diversity memo sues Google - The  Daily Telegraph

Following on from that –
19 insane tidbits from James Damore’s lawsuit about Google’s office environment The Federalist
Employees were allowed to award those who spoke out against Damore’s memo ‘peer bonuses’ monitored by the ‘Google Recognition Team’. Read more here.

The first stirrings of resistance from Italy?
‘Italy first’? Right-wing politician vows to kick out 100k migrants per year if elected PM. Russia Today reports.

…which leads us to a Wall Street Karma article concerning how the Italians are being dispossessed from their own country – [Since it was published, the original page has been removed. A search on site for ‘incredible shrinking population’ and ‘Italians will be a minority’ brought back no result. Try it for yourself and draw your own conclusions.] Click here to see the text of this article.

Now for something we’ve all thought about at some time…

Are modern Jews really the descendants of Biblical Jews?
Trashing the Torah: Justice, Freedom and Israel’s Assault on Jewish Values
by Tobias Langdon in the Occidental Observer.

The real enemy is having to show itself – from the Daily Telegraph.
George Soros, the man who ‘broke the Bank of England’, backing secret plot to thwart Brexit

Funny how our ancestors never had any aid agencies collecting for them.
England and the only bootstrapped Industrial Revolution
by Robert Henderson and published on his England Calling blog at

Labour treachery revealed –
Labour Shows Its True Colours

Venezuelan blow against Wall Street hegemony –
The Venezuelan “Petro” – Towards a New World Reserve Currency?
Peter Koenig and Global Research

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