Optimism and Nationalism

Will Wright

If you are a White European living today anywhere in the Western World, then the future looks bleak. All the evidence suggests that White Europeans are being replaced by non-White peoples. Any racial nationalist who looks around in modern Britain will see almost everything political moving in the wrong direction. On top of that, racial nationalist opposition to all of that is being crushed by the authorities.

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Nationalists can be optimistic

What can true patriots and racial nationalists do to cheer ourselves up? It is not an easy question to answer. It will no doubt take much greater minds than mine to provide a full and satisfactory answer. But perhaps I can offer a few thoughts.

Firstly, we need to stay optimistic and believe that we can win. Throughout history, many people have been treated harshly by those in power. But the ones who prevailed were the ones who stayed optimistic. Because optimism floats while pessimism sinks.

Some people object: how can we be optimistic in the midst of all that is going wrong with the world? What is happening that can give us any hope? Well, there is always something that we can notice and focus on that might be against the general downward trend. For example, the British people voting for us to leave the European Union.

This was a victory that should logically have been unthinkable. The Establishment allowing an In-Out referendum. Yet it happened and our people revolted. At one time, large numbers of British citizens believed that Communism was right. There are not many today who would argue that. At one time, Sigmund Freud was hailed as the greatest thinker in psychology. Today he is largely discredited. Couldn’t that happen with the ideas of Franz Boas, the Jewish charlatan who told the West that “there is no such thing as race”?

Optimism comes from within

If we recognise that optimistic people are more likely to win than pessimistic people, and we need to stay optimistic, then where does optimism actually come from? It comes from within. No matter what is happening, the best of us can look within and summon up courage and belief that one day, the tide will turn in our favour. This is not about logic – it is a powerful belief summoned from within. It transcends logic – it is far more powerful.

Secondly, we need to be aware of what we give our attention to. What we focus on. If we only ever focus on what is wrong with the country and the world, and the nationalist movement, then we will become depressed. Perhaps that is what happens with some right-wing Tories. They are focussed on what is wrong with the country, without being able to see a solution. They are simply reacting – they are reactionaries.

Optimism and Nationalism need an ideology

But British Nationalists should believe in an ideology that exists independently of day-to-day events, and independently of what other political groups believe.

If our focus is on what we do want, rather than what we do not want, then our morale might be higher. There is a school of thought that suggests that people always get more of what they are focussed on – whether or not the object their focus is desirable or the very opposite. If you are focussed on all that is wrong, rather than the nationalist vision of Britain, then you are unwittingly attracting more of the bad stuff!

For many years, I was infuriated by those who seemed to be blindly and irrationally optimistic. I wanted reasons to be optimistic. But it seems that this is not how optimism works. It is a non-rational, but powerfully attractive force.

Thirdly, we should recognise that it is hard to hit a target if you do not know what the target is. We need to know what it is that we want – what we are trying to achieve.

Optimism and the Nationalist ideology

British Nationalists should know our ideology. We should be able to picture an all-White Britain. We should be able to visualise a Britain that is independent and powerful. One with strong military defences. A country where British families can prosper and thrive.

We should be able to recognise the situation as it is now. We should know why we reject that. But we ought to mostly be focussed on the vision that we do want. Then we are more likely to draw that vision into reality. Positive, upbeat people, who know what they want and where they are going are much more attractive to other people. A confident political movement with vision will attract more followers and eventually become a mass movement.

We need a leader with an unshakeable belief that he is right. One who can see the future. Then we can all get behind him and fervently believe in the vision too!

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