Save Our Ancient Games

For hundreds of years villagers in many parts of England (and possibly Ireland, Wales and Scotland too) have taken part in traditional games at certain times of the year. These usually involve kicking bottles or anything else that is an excuse for a mass rugby-style scrum resulting in a huge amount of fun.

For example, at Ashbourne in Derbyshire, each year at Shrovetide two teams, the Up’ards and the Down’ards, compete against each other in trying to hit a cork-filled ball against a post at either end of the town. Pointless? Maybe, but nevertheless a terrific excuse to run around bashing everyone else in the way and end up soaking wet and covered in mud.

Similar activities take place on Shrove Tuesday at Sedgefield, Durham and at Alnwick, Northumberland. Probably an ideal opportunity to settle a few old scores.

In Lincolnshire there is an ancient game called Haxey Hood that dates back to the 14th century. It involves a scrum of 200 people attempting to “sway” a hood in the direction of one of four pubs, and it takes place at Haxey in the north of the county every January 6th (5th if the 6th is a Sunday).

At Atherstone, in Warwickshire, another ball game has been taking place each year for over 800 years, similar in nature to the Ashbourne game. And at Hallaton in Leicestershire there is a bottle kicking contest every Easter Monday in which teams compete to carry a barrel of beer (known as a bottle) across the village boundary into the neighbouring village of Medbourne.

These harmless games are an opportunity to bond friendships and build camaraderie among people who live and work in the same village. To let off steam and have a thoroughly good time. In short, to cement racial identity and build the kind of relationships that help propagate the White race as lords and masters of these islands.

No wonder, then, that these games have attracted the malevolent attention of leftists and race-mixers, who see them as an obstacle in the way of their diabolical schemes to destroy the White race and create a miscegenised mish-mash of compliant, worker-ant type zombies in our place.

As ever, they have made their attack obliquely, by way of “health and safety” issues. These rough games, they say, are too dangerous. There must be adequate safety measures and expensive insurance policies in place in case anyone gets hurt.

They know, of course, that these villagers, like most other working folk these days, don’t have the money to afford expensive, over-priced insurance cover. Nor can they comply with other demands relating to public safety and order, and, faced with huge financial costs and impossible demands from “health and safety” officers, they face having their ancient games closed down forever.

Or so the hate-filled race-mixers hope. That would be one more step towards breaking up any remaining race-consciousness among ordinary Anglo-Celtic folk, and make them ripe for slaughter on the alter of multi-racialism and miscegenation. After all, it would look rather out of place if any blacks or Asiatics took place in these ancient pagan games. Can you imagine it?

But our ancient traditions, and their current custodians, aren’t such a push-over. The organisers of these events are coming together to share resources in preserving these sacred customs, and defending them from their attackers.

The organisers of the annual Hallaton bottle kicking contest are joining forces with the organisers of the Ashbourne football game. People from Ashbourne visited Hallaton on Easter Monday in 2011 to watch their bottle kicking contest, and it looks like this will be a regular get-together.

Mike Betteridge, secretary of the Ashbourne event, said, “We enjoyed coming to Hallaton last Easter Monday.

“Our two events are survivors in a dwindling number of traditional sporting fixtures.

“Health and safety has become a very expensive overhead for us. We are pleased the Hallaton event is flourishing and look forward to maintaining ties.

“We also want to form a confederation of all the events around the country and I have written to them.”

More power to you, Mr Betteridge. May all of our ancient kingdom’s traditional events come together in the way you are pioneering, and be preserved forever.

And if the evil, faceless, miscegenocrats who want to destroy our traditions, our heritage, and ourselves, the White race, don’t like it then they can play a game of no-rules football over England’s green and pleasant land, and the survivors can then have their way.

John Northwind

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