Oh Happy Day! RIP NOTW

Oh what a happy day yesterday (7th July 2011) was!

Britain’s filthiest, lowest, most degenerate, sordid so-called newspaper, the semi-pornographic comic sheet that went by the name of the “News of the World” is closing down.

Having practised the most lewd, deceptive and unprofessional means of gathering news stories for 168 years, it finally tried to take a sewer too far by hacking the personal telephone messages of, not just celebrities, but court case witnesses, other people who were just doing their job, and, worst of all, the widows of soldiers killed in action in Afghanistan and elsewhere.

This is on top of all the other criminal activities it has engaged in, including bribing witnesses and police officers in court cases. Yes, it thought nothing of perverting the course of justice if it could thereby sell a few hundred more copies.

My first personal experience of what this lying cheat-sheet could do was back in 1970 when I was a young member of the National Front, Britain’s only serious and genuine nationalist movement since the Second World War. The NF held its Annual General Meeting that year in about September, on a Saturday in a London hotel.

Back then A K Chesterton was still the “National Director” and ruled the party autocratically, but our AGM went well, with various proposals being debated and voted upon. I acted as semi-official photographer as I was the only person there with a camera.

The meeting ended amicably and I stayed in London overnight with a party colleague and friend as there was a rally the following day (not organised by the NF) which I wanted to attend. On that day, the Sunday, the so-called News of the World, published a story of how the National Front had disintegrated into several warring factions at its AGM the previous day.

That story was a complete fabrication. Nothing even remotely like it had occurred. Yet it was featured prominently in that paper as if it were fact, and read by millions of readers.

Throughout subsequent years the “News of the Gutter”, as it came to be called by all British patriots, sniped regularly at the National Front by publishing smears, lies and misinformation about our movement and its leading members, smug in the knowledge that none of us could ever afford to sue it for libel to put the record straight.

It has long been a tool of the so-called “elite” seeking to impose their New World Order upon us, and more so since falling into the hands of the wretched Rupert Murdoch and his ugly son, James (both of them members of the notorious Bilderberg Group of “insiders”).

Billionaire Murdoch, of course, is currently negotiating to take over BSkyB, the satellite broadcasting media company, and he no doubt shrewdly weighed up the pros and cons of holding on to the News of the Gutter on the one hand, with the millions he can make out of BSkyB on the other hand, and jettisoned the loser without a thought for the 250 or so miserable hacks who worked for the rag.

The fall-out from the whole affair reaches as far as 10 Downing Street, with Prime Minister David Cameron being close friends of both former editors Rebekah Brooks (lucky not to be arrested so far) and Andy Coulson, who faces arrest today over the phone hacking scandal.

It’s funny how scandals like this always encompass politicians of the old parties, even up to Prime Minister level. All hack politicians have to have the press on their side and will do anything to get it.

They are all in the pockets of slimy degenerates like Murdoch and that’s why it’s always been pointless in hoping for any of them to actually do anything effective to halt the drift of our once great nation towards racial and national suicide.

So while this is a great day for celebrating the demise of one of the enemy’s snipers, and there may be more to celebrate if some key players are charged and convicted of serious crimes, we still have to remember this. The big guns are still blazing away against us and the scale of the task that awaits us and our immediate descendants is still huge.

John Northwind