Jews Don’t Count(!)

Will Wright

What?! Me? Ref

Picture the scene. A footballer, or a rugby player, has just committed a particularly serious and blatant foul. He slowly walks towards the referee, who is beckoning him. The player assumes an expression of innocence and incredulity. “What?! Me? Ref” he exclaims. I expect that many of you will have witnessed some variant of this scenario.

I was reminded of this recently when David Baddiel claimed that various anti-Jewish allegations have no substance – that Jews are treated unfairly when they are entirely blameless. Baddiel further claims that all other racial and religious minorities receive official protection, whereas Jews do not. He presented a tv programme, Jews Don’t Count, which was meant to promote his book of the same name.

The host chatted to a number of his friends among Jewish actors and comedians. Their combined efforts were meant to convince the viewers that society is very unfair to Jews. Baddiel, in particular, seemed to believe that he was revealing something very profound. He seemed convinced that he had proved his point. He was very smug and self-satisfied about this. But I was not convinced that Jews are blamed for things that they have not done, nor that they fail to receive official protections that other minorities enjoy.

Not funny

Baddiel is described as a comedian, although I personally have never found him to be very funny. He once told another alleged comedian, Ben Elton, that many among the public do not like him, or laugh at his jokes. He said that he thought that they sense his foreignness. They do not laugh at his act because they are basically anti-Semitic. He claims that Ben Elton had experienced the same phenomenon.

It does not seem to have occurred to either of these Jewish men that maybe they are not as good as entertainers as they think they are.

On the programme, David Baddiel spoke to the US comedienne and actress, Sarah Silverman. Her whole persona oozed a bad attitude. Her face, her style of speaking and her words were confrontational and aggressive. She complained that Jewish actresses never get a fair deal. That they never get to play the heroine. Silverman said that Jewesses might have to play the “cunty girlfriend” of the main character, before he comes to his senses and falls in love with a nice girl. Why filmmakers, very likely Jewish filmmakers, would pick Sarah Silverman for such a role, I cannot imagine! Maybe she is another Jewish entertainer who is not very self-aware.

Are Jews White?

Baddiel thinks that Jews are treated unsympathetically, by non-White people, because those people perceive them to be White. US actor, David Schwimmer told Baddiel, on camera, that he does not think of himself as White. Baddiel said that the Nazis made a big thing about the Jews not being of the White European race. The Jews fall between two stools. Black anti-Semites think they are the richest part of privileged White US society. But White anti-Semites do not accept Jews as a part of our race.

When White Europeans ruled large parts of the world and did not always treat Africans and Asians very well, it suited Jews for White people to accept them as fellow Whites. Then Jewish thinkers introduced political correctness and many liberal White people became ashamed of themselves. Whites became reviled. Now Jews are trying to distance themselves from White European history. But Jews still want White people to think that they are White while they simultaneously want Blacks and Hispanics in the US, and Indians and Pakistanis in the UK, to be anti-White but to accept Jews as being non-White. Jews want the best of both worlds. They can hardly complain when no one trusts them.

What about Israel?

David Baddiel, Stephen Fry, and others tried to suggest that the country called Israel is nothing to do with them. They think that Jews should not be blamed for anything that Israel does. But they ignore the political pressure of the Israel Lobby, both in the United States and the United Kingdom. If the organised Jewish community in the Diaspora supports Israel with money and much else – they can be blamed for what Israel does.

Miriam Margolis took a more honest line. She believes that Diaspora Jews are responsible for what Israel does and she told Baddiel so. She said, “We are connected to Israel – they are our people”.

Laughable claims

Baddiel’s suggestions that the authorities and laws in Britain protect every other racial and religious minority but do not protect Jews is false. The Community Security Trust is registered as a charity and is allowed to run a uniformed private army. They even receive British police training as well as Israeli state support.

His argument that Jews are harmless and powerless is also untrue. He introduced us to several showbiz pals. He ended by saying “If these people rule the world, then the world is fucked!” This kind of argument is often employed. Stephen Pollard, the editor of the Jewish Chronicle says that he is accused on the internet of controlling the Media. He says, “The sad truth is that I cannot even control my own kids.” This sort of argument is sleight of hand trickery.

Jews do not like being accused of being rich and powerful. These days, they do not like Blacks and Asians grouping them with White people. They want guilt-ridden White people to think of them as an innocent, harmless, ordinary people. They want to be seen as the undeserving victims of persecution. But if you do not go along with the charade, then they will bring all of their power to bear to see that you are punished.