Fight The Brexit Betrayal

PETITION Parliament to leave the EU NOW!
We must fight the Brexit Betrayal. Ever since the Remainers and the EU Commission recovered from the shock of the 2016 Referendum result they have conspired together to (1) create confusion over what leaving the so-called "European Union" actually means, and (2) agitate for a second referendum which they hope to win through psychological intimidation of ordinary British folk who voted Out. This post answers some of the lies and distortions being fed to us daily by the Establishment media (particularly the BBC). Use this information in any discussions or debates you may have with Remainers.

Lie No. 1 – “We need a second referendum (people’s vote) as the Leave camp didn’t know what they were voting for”.

Lie No. 2 - Leaving the EU doesn’t mean leaving the Single Market. Note Cameron’s lie that he would pull the UK out of the Single Market if we voted to leave the EU – he resigned instead!

Lie No. 3 – Leave voters didn’t realise that leaving the EU meant leaving the Single Market as well. Note how the former Lib-Dem leader, Nick Clegg, squirms his way through this interview after being firmly rebutted on his assertion that no-one told us we would be leaving the Single Market.

Lie No. 4 – Leave voters were confused about whether leaving the EU would mean leaving the Single Market as well.

Lie No. 5 – It’s all too complicated – better leave it to our MPs to decide for us. Just watch this short, animated video to see that it’s not that complicated, after all.

Lie No. 6 – Europe is a good thing, so therefore the European Union must be as well. This video is also gives a useful introduction to how the EU works (with the help of 55,000 civil servants), its secret meetings and its unaccountability.

Lie No. 7 – Brussels doesn’t waste our money. Super-short video shows the Eurocrats are really good at finding ways of spending (other people’s) money.

Lie No. 8 – We’re safer from war inside the European Union as it is a force for peace.

Lie No. 9 – Britain is not forced to apply European law in preference to our own laws.

Lie No. 10 – The EU is the way of the future. This video by a former Soviet dissident compares the old Soviet Union to the present-day European Union.

Lie No. 11 – The European Union fosters good relations in Europe. This 2017 news item covers how the European Commission is taking Poland, Hungary and the Czech Republic to the European Court for refusing to take in thousands of non-European migrants.  Needless to say, the court ruled against those sovereign nations and is trying to force them to accept these migrants – see this news report.

Lie No. 12 – Being in the EU does not impinge on our national sovereignty. Former communist Economic Affairs Commissioner says the EU must bring an end to national sovereignty over finance with the creation of a “eurozone budget”.

Lie No. 13 – We have nothing to be afraid of with the European Union. This video shows you five reasons we should be VERY afraid.

Lie No. 14 – The EU is genuinely negotiating for BREXIT for the mutual benefit of all. If you don’t mind some colourful language, this man pulls no punches. It’s worth watching just to see the crazy Euro fanatic Guy Verhofstadt waving his arms around as he demands that all EU member states surrender all their national sovereignty to the EU –

Lie No. 15 – There is no Establishment conspiracy to frustrate Brexit. Just check out this insider report -

Lie No. 16 – Theresa May’s Brexit deal is our best option. Better no deal than this piece of treachery -

Lie No. 17 – The EU is not interested in gaining control of any member-state’s defence or security apparatus –

NB – This sinister development has, of course, remained unreported by the Establishment Media, who intend to keep us all in the dark. Theresa May and her co-conspirators have clearly committed the highest form of treason here. It’s doubtful that any “deal” secured by Boris Johnson will extricate us from these secret “agreements”.

PLEASE NOTE – This post is on-going. More Brexit ammunition will be added from time to time, so keep checking back!