Antisemitism is merely a Business Plan

by Gilad Atzmon

From the Gilad Atzmon blog – Tuesday 18th July 2017

While The Crown Persecution Service (CPS) attests that there has
been no increase in anti-Semitism in Britain, in the following Sky News
interview, Jewish ethnic activist Gideon Falter, insists that Jew hatred is
on the rise.

​CAA Chairman Gideon Falter on​
Sky News explaining rising antisemitic
crime and failure to enforce

We are asked to choose between two versions of the truth, that
delivered by Falter who leads the Campaign Against Antisemitsm (CAA)
and basically makes his living manufacturing antisemitic incidents and
the judicial approach of the CPS: a public body, subject to scrutiny and
committed to impartiality. This is hardly a difficult choice.

Falter and the CAA obviously fabricate anti-Semitic incidents. Falter
interprets condemnation of Israel and Jewish politics as ‘hate crimes.’ It
seems the CPS doesn’t buy Falter’s duplicitous claims. Against the
odds and despite the treacherous Zionised British political elite, the
CPS insists upon defending freedom of expression so that Britain may
still be able to regard itself an ‘open society.’

Openly and in the name of the Jews, Falter condemns the Crown
Prosecution Services. Falter conspicuously operates to wipe out the
British liberal heritage of freedom of speech.

This attempt may not be very popular amongst Brits and could lead to
some unfortunate circumstances for British Jews. I guess that this is
exactly what Falter and the CAA are after. Since Falter makes a living
out of the ‘rise of anti-Semitism’, it shouldn’t surprise us that he himself
propels such a rise.

This dynamic is at the core of the Zionist philosophy: Since Israel
presents itself as a ‘Jewish shelter,’ its existence becomes meaningful
only when a shelter is desired. As we often witness, it is Israel’s politics
and policies that instigate global Jew hatred and that hatred actually
affirms Israel’s existence as a safe haven for world Jewry.

Falter and the CAA employ the same method. A decrease in anti-
Semitic incidents or Jews being loved and cherished could have fatal consequences for Falter and his CAA’s business plan. They need anti-
Semitism and a lot if it. When it isn’t there, they just invent it.

The only issue that concerns me here, is where does all this leave the
Goyim, the gentiles, the non-Jews?

Falter and the CAA need the Jews to be hated so they can collect more
and more British taxpayer money. But what is the role of the ordinary
Brit? If hating the Jew means working for Falter and the CAA what is left
for the non-Jews? Not a lot, I can tell you.