Corona Virus…. Biowarfare…. 5G…. What is to be made of it all?

Philip Gegan

News and theories about the outbreak of the Corona virus change so fast that it is very difficult to establish exactly what is truth and what is fiction. Whilst this blog is no authority on viruses or transmitted diseases, we have studied (a) the available scientific opinion, and (b) the more credible of the conspiracy theories, and set out our findings below. We encourage our readers to form their own opinions, independently of the mainstream media, and to post whatever comments you have at the foot of this page.


It’s probably impossible to find out the truth about the current Corona virus outbreak (2019-nCoV).

As of early March 2020, the number of cases of Corona virus worldwide is nearly 90,000, and the number of fatalities from it is more than 3,000.

These figures can’t be precise because many countries, notably in South America and Africa, don’t have a reliable method of detection. The mortality rate, as far as it can be established, appears to be around 3.4 per cent so far. By comparison, the Black Death of the fourteenth century had a mortality rate of around 30 per cent. So the Corona virus is not really a pandemic yet.

Where it broke out is supposed to be at the live animal market in Wuhan Province, China, by coincidence close to both the Wuhan Centre for Disease Control (300 yards) and the Wuhan National Biosafety Laboratory/Institute of Virology (20 miles).

corona virus
The Corona virus – its reputation precedes it.

The Corona virus, the live animal market and the laboratories

The animal market in Wuhan might be inhumane in the extreme, with animals of all kinds cramped into cages on top of each other for long periods. Its hygiene standards may be non-existent. But serious doubt has now been cast on the notion that those conditions, deplorable as they are, can be capable of producing, or even spreading, a virus like 2019-nCoV.

The only research published so far indicates a likelihood that the virus has been deliberately engineered in a laboratory. This is where the Wuhan Centre for Disease Control and the Wuhan National Biosafety Laboratory/Institute of Virology come in. We don’t know what exactly goes on in such institutions, but it’s been reliably reported that at least one of them is involved in researching the Corona virus 2019-nCoV, among other activities.

It’s a small step to envisaging the release, whether deliberate or accidental, of the virus into the open, and its subsequent spread.

Reasons for the outbreak

What are the possible reasons for the outbreak? Let us consider the following possibilities.

1. It was accidentally leaked by persons unknown, whether or not in the course of illegal activities.

2. It was deliberately leaked by persons unknown (but we can guess who would be paying them) as some kind of macabre experiment.

3. It is a deliberate leak of the virus by the Chinese Government in order to destroy the US as an economic and military rival, and possibly the rest of the West as well.

4. It is a deliberate leak of the virus orchestrated by the US in order to cripple China and eliminate it, at least for a few decades, as an economic and military super-power, and protect the dollar as the world’s main trading currency.

An accidental or malicious leak by persons unknown?

Let us consider the first two possibilities. James Andrewes, writing in The Occidental Observer, favours number 1 above. He is sceptical about whether the virus outbreak really is as deadly as it’s made out to be by the Western media. According to him, the virus is quite possibly a bio weapon developed by the Chinese Government, but that its release into the environment was accidental or, possibly, done deliberately by malicious persons for reasons as yet unknown.

This seems highly improbable. Security systems at virus and disease research centres are generally as vigorous as those at nuclear power plants. Nobody has produced any suspects. An accidental release can almost certainly be ruled out.

As for a deliberate release by persons unknown, who would benefit from doing this, unless they were in the pay of a foreign government? This takes us to the remaining two possibilities.

The Chinese Government and the Corona virus

It’s extremely unlikely that the Chinese have orchestrated the deliberate release of the Corona virus. Releasing a virus is a two-edged sword, especially on your own soil. If China were going to do this it would release the virus elsewhere, probably in North America.

If it takes hold and becomes a genuine pandemic then China is likely to be the hardest hit, with the whole of its manpower-dependent economy, infrastructure and supply chains to and from the West (as well as its “Belt and Road Initiative“) in the firing line. It could ruin all the Chinese Government’s plans for economic and military hegemony for decades to come, and threaten the grip on power that the Chinese Communist Party has enjoyed since 1949.

Moreover, the present system works very well for the Chinese. They are in the ascendant. The Yuan (their currency) is now rivalling the dollar as the world’s main trading currency, and they are set to replace the US as the world’s largest and most productive economy. They are in the forefront of technological and digital development, and leaders in space and medical research. And, as mentioned above, they have the new One Belt One Road project (with its $1 trillion of sub-projects) to look forward to.

But most importantly they are the world’s leading manufacturers of consumer goods. They have an ambitious “Made in China 2025” project to underline this and move into the higher end of the consumer market. They import the raw materials that they don’t already have, manufacture the products, and sell them primarily to the West. Why sabotage all this by starting a virus that has the potential to kill millions of their actual and prospective customers?

The Chinese may be ruthless in dealing with dissidents among their own people, but they’re not stupid.

A specifically targeted virus?

One interesting observation made by several people following the spread of the virus is that it appears to infect only, or mainly, people of Chinese or oriental ethnic origin (and mainly males in the approximate proportion of 70/30). It may even be the case, though yet to be confirmed, that it targets people belonging to a specific blood group. This underlines our point even more. Why release a virus that only, or mainly, infects your own people? Or some specific part of them?

The mainstream media, of course, would only reluctantly inform us if this was the case. If it is, though, then it opens up a whole new possibility as to why the Corona virus has escaped.

That possibility is that the virus was engineered in a laboratory to only target ethnic Chinese or oriental people.

The US Government and the Corona virus

This brings us to the fourth possibility – that it’s a deliberate leak of the virus orchestrated by the US. Given the propensity of the US, through successive administrations, to make war on anything else that moves, and given the power of China to stand up to the US both economically and militarily, this is more feasible.

According to an article in the Duran the US government sponsors biological weapons laboratories but those laboratories aren’t situated in the US – they’re in Central and Western Asia, including the Ukraine and Georgia.

That seems rather strange, even if there are similar laboratories in the US. Could the US, therefore, have engineered the release of the virus, presumably to damage China enough to remove it as a threat to US hegemony worldwide?

The pertinent question here is, “Would it be worth the risk?” The risk is, first, that the Chinese Government would realise what had happened and retaliate in some way. A way that would damage the US and wreck its place as the world’s number one economy, with the most powerful currency and military might.

The second risk is that the virus might rebound and spread out of control across the whole world, killing possibly as many as 30 per cent or more of the world’s population. In that event even the Global Elite themselves would be unsafe. Surely even they wouldn’t risk putting themselves into such a position, no matter what the potential prize?

Hmm. Maybe they wouldn’t, and maybe they would.

Electro Magnetic Radiation

There’s yet another complication that has been thrown into the mix, as if we didn’t have enough already. Recently evidence has been mounting that not all of the alleged Corona virus cases reported are true. Some at least are something else, in most cases radiation sickness.

In recent years China has been in the forefront of developing the next generation of mobile communications networks called 5G. Towards the end of 2019 most of the groundwork was completed, and major centres in China commenced using it. One of those major centres was Wuhan Province. It’s quite possible, though yet to be verified, that the cruise liners stricken with the Corona virus have been fitted with 5G communications networks as well.

For those not conversant with the latest technological developments in the field of mobile communication, let me explain in layman’s terms the significance of this development (because I’m a layman myself, with access to the Internet).

Currently, nearly all mobile communications networks, including mobile phone networks, use 4G. However, not satisfied with the speed of 4G, scientists worldwide have continued their research and experiments in order to deliver an even faster service – up to a hundred times faster than 4G, and the result is 5G.

But it comes at a price. It emits a higher level of electro magnetic radiation than 4G. High levels of electro magnetic radiation are a health hazard that cause severe illnesses and, ultimately, death. People exposed to it for prolonged periods commonly suffer, sooner or later, from the development of tumours and cancers. The radiation attacks cell membranes in the human body and particularly in the brain and bloodstream, causing irreparable and ultimately fatal damage. It is completely indiscriminate, and unborn foetuses are just as vulnerable as any other human body.

corona virus and 5g
5G. The network that radiates its reputation.

Has 5G caused the fatalities?

Does 5G come into this category? Electro magnetic radiation emitted by devices using 4G, and earlier versions, has caused some degree of controversy. But on the whole it has been accepted that such radiation has been limited by all manufactured devices and is of little or no long-term danger to consumers or the public at large. And, as non-ionic radiation, it is in any event considered basically harmless to humans. Even with 4G, though, it is generally deemed inadvisable, for example, to use a mobile phone whilst it is plugged into the mains to charge the battery, or whilst travelling within the confines of a car.

Here’s the vital point. The radio frequency (RF) of 4G is between 1 GHz and 6 GHz. This is a little technical, but the higher the number here the more likely the radiation is to cause harm to living organisms. The corresponding number for 5G is from 24 GHz to no less than 300 GHz.

There are plenty of places online where alarmists sound off about how 5G is going to kill us all on account of this high level of radiation. The technical experts who work with mobile networks and the scientists who have developed 5G are of the view that the radiation associated with 5G, though much higher than 4G, is still not a danger to users or to the public at large. Let us hope this is true.

But applying all this to the situation with the Corona virus outbreak that originated in Wuhan Province, China, what if the 5G technology has only been tested for safety on healthy humans, free from any infections? What if exposing someone to 5G radiation who has a ‘flu-like infection somehow causes that infection to mutate into something much more sinister, and potentially fatal? And that is also contagious?

The connection between the Corona virus and 5G

What if scientists in some research laboratory somewhere in the Middle East have discovered this? What if a small group of organised people have smuggled the Corona virus into China, into Wuhan Province, and released it just when the new 5G technology has been launched?

In other words, what if the Corona virus is normally non-fatal, no worse than most strains of influenza, but it has been treated so as to mutate into something potentially fatal when subjected to high levels of non-ionic radiation? Radiation that would otherwise be harmless?

Is this what has happened in Wuhan Province? It has all the required ingredients – two institutes involved in the study and cultivation of viruses plus 5G having been launched at full throttle in the last two or three months. And it also has a live animal market where sanitation levels are all but non-existent. Any and all of these can be used as a scapegoat for the outbreak.

At the present time (early March 2020) no-one can say for sure what has happened. Or so it seems. The mainstream media have behaved true to form, and treated the whole subject as an excuse for selling more newspapers and increasing audience figures, rather than trying to get to the bottom of the whole thing for the benefit of all of us.

Compulsory Vaccination

Governments, too, have not given the matter the serious consideration that it demands. At least, not until recently, which may be too late to make much difference to anything. One of the predictable recommendations coming out of all this is that, once a vaccine is widely available, it should be made compulsory for the whole population to be injected with it.

compulsory vaccinations
Now this isn’t going to hurt a bit…..

Here in Britain, this would not only be an unacceptable breach of our ancient rights, but also, as in all countries, a clear danger that the vaccine may include other, hidden, chemicals, designed to bring about a subdued population unable to resist the direction in which they are being shepherded by the Global Elite. Such as being able to bring about Brexit.

Bringing China down

In summary, we have the Corona virus originating in Wuhan Province, China, a place central to Chinese transport and movement of people. It broke out at the worst possible time, just as the Chinese New Year was about to be celebrated, with millions of Chinese people on the move to spend the holiday with friends and family – much like our Christmas holiday.

Wuhan is where two major centres of research into transmittable diseases are located.

Wuhan has been in the forefront of China’s massive rollout of 5G technology. 5G technology emits more radiation (non-ionic) than anything ever before, and its effects on people suffering from an otherwise minor virus are unknown.

Wuhan is a place, among many others in China and south-east Asia, that hosts a huge live animal market in which the animals are kept for long periods in cramped, unhygienic and inhumane conditions, ideal for the spread of disease. Even though it’s doubtful this could explain how the virus broke out in the first place, it’s another thing to muddy the waters.

Wuhan was host to the Military Olympics in late 2019, at which militia from across the world, including the United States, competed for ten days.

Is all this is just coincidence, or was Wuhan chosen for a biological warfare attack on China precisely because there is so much going on there and gives the attackers the greatest cover?

If this latter possibility is true, then why have not the Chinese publicly accused the US of carrying out the attack? Why haven’t they retaliated? They must have the ability to establish what has probably happened.

The Inscrutable Chinese

Here in the West it’s difficult for us to fathom the moves and motives of the Chinese, quite aside from the Chinese Communist Party’s well known propensity for secrecy. The Chinese have been adherents of the Tao philosophy for thousands of years. This being so, it’s perhaps not surprising that they have avoided a direct confrontation with the US, even if they are fully satisfied that the US deliberately planted the virus.

They would be inclined not to accuse their attacker of this deliberate assault on their economic and physical well-being, even though, if true, it’s an outrageous act of war on a country not at war with the US. They would simply carry on doing, as best they could, the things that made them strong in the first place, and wait for the time to come when they may deal with the situation on their own terms and to their advantage.

We shall have to see. Let us hope, in the meantime, that out of all this confusion and subterfuge the truth finally emerges, and if there are any war criminals that they are brought to justice.