Here We Go Again . . .

So we’re into another war again – this time in Libya. This just goes to prove, as my grandfather used to say, “The only lesson we learn from history is that we never learn any lessons from history”.

We have to go to war, we’re told, to get rid of yet another tyrannical despot and his ugly regime because they’re murdering any civilian who protests against them.

Yes, it’s taken our so-called politicians just 40 years or so to discover that Colonel Gadaffi is no different from most other African rulers – completely corrupt, stashing away billions of foreign aid dollars, living like lords amidst the poverty of millions, and torturing and killing anyone who dares oppose them.

In fact, as usual, we’re not really going to war, we’re just sending our young men and women off in hugely expensive aircraft with a payload of hugely expensive weapons to obliterate Gadaffi and his cronies together with any number of unfortunate civilians who happen to get in the way.

Rather like killing ants by pouring boiling water on them.

Well, if it takes the murder of innocent civilians, torture of enemies and even organised genocide of any group of people that cause trouble to the ruling clique, to get attacked with Western cruise missiles, then why aren’t we dishing out the same treatment to Israel?

Perhaps the systematic murder of young children and the dropping of white phosphorous bombs onto civilian populations cramped into ghettos, the poisoning of their water supplies, the denial of basic amenities like water and electricity to them, the bulldozing of their houses whether or not they’re inside at the time, and the use of bodily organs extracted from their dead bodies in a sick and illegal bodily organs trade doesn’t count.

After all, these victims are only Palestinians, right? And aren’t they “terrorists” by definition?

But let’s get back to the attack on Libya.

Strange that, although the United Kingdom, as a country, is broke, we can still afford any number of foreign wars, and the Libya war is only the latest in a very long line of foreign wars going back to the mid seventeenth century.

Foreign wars are absolutely essential for the banking elite if they are to remain astride our backs like the ugly, blood-sucking parasites they are.

It’s these bloody, foreign wars that help keep governments constantly in need of more funds, which the banking system is only too happy to provide – at a price.

That price, ultimately, is the destruction of the cream of humanity, and especially the Anglo-Celtic peoples, and the enslavement of what is left. What good will all the liberal platitudes and high moral arguments of our corrupt politicians be then?

The life of the average Libyan dissident will seem like paradise compared to the horror of the brave new world that the banking elite have planned for us.

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