David Irving – Lessons from History

Will Wright

I have recently begun reading David Irving’s book, Goebbels – Mastermind of the Third Reich. This book is 533 pages and I have currently read 140 pages. I am trying to rush my way through it, among what else I have to do, including my other reading.

Why am I reading this book? Is it of any value? Well, I have always been interested in history. So is this a self-indulgent activity? Up to a point. It is history, about a foreign country a hundred years ago. In many ways Germany is, and was, a very different country to the United Kingdom. So much of life was very different a hundred years ago.

Bearing that in mind then, are there any lessons to be learned by modern British Nationalists? Yes. David Irving is inspirational. The lengths he has gone to in order to uncover the information that he needed to create this book. The hurdles that he had to clear. The lengths which the organised international Jewish community went to in order to crush Irving’s efforts. The Jews do not want you to read any of David Irving’s books. Doesn’t that make any truly enquiring mind want to know what is in those books that World Jewry fears?

Irving’s own life story is about intellectual rigour, a terrific work rate, and the courage and bloody-mindedness to persist against powerful enemies. That should be a lesson for everyone. But what about the subject of the book? Joseph Goebbels was a thinking man. That is why the book is subtitled Mastermind of the Third Reich. He too worked very hard. He too had a lot of courage. That is moral courage as well as sheer physical courage. He was a physically small man with a crippling physical disability. One that caused him constant pain. Yet he regularly placed himself in very dangerous situations for the Nazi cause – not least by attending a staggering number of very violent political meetings.

Irving tells us:

The tide of political violence was rising. Eighty-six Nazis were murdered during 1932; Goebbels alone lost seven men, and the police seldom caught the murderers.

The killing of fifteen-year-old Herbert Norkus was particularly nasty. He and five pals had been distributing leaflets early one Sunday morning when they were overwhelmed by communists. The body of Norkus, son of a working-class Nazi from Plotzensee, was found in the entrance hall of No. 4 Zwingli Strasse, where he had bled to death from six stab wounds. Goebbels personally inspected the scene with its twenty-yard trail of dried blood and the one bloody handprint on the whitewashed wall. After going on to the morgue he wrote these words in his newspaper: “There in the bleak grey twilight a yellowing childish face stares with half-open, empty eyes. The delicate features have been trampled to a bloody pulp.” The next day he buried the artist Professor Ernst Schwarz, an SA officer gunned down in a communist ambush a week before.

Anyone who combines intellectual brilliance, industriousness, and courage should be an example to British Nationalists. Because so many people in Britain today are not at all intellectual, nor do they even behave intelligently. A great many people are lazy, selfish, and materialistic. On top of that, they are cowardly. And then they do not understand why they do not succeed.

This blog recently posted a review of an article written by Simon Heffer, written by veteran British Nationalist Martin Webster. Simon Heffer is intelligent and well-educated. As a senior and prominent journalist he must know all sorts of information that the general public does not. But like almost all Conservative types he appears to put self-interest and self-preservation above speaking out about what he must know has happened and is happening.

A big reason that modern Britain is in the mess that it is, is because of people like Simon Heffer. They should be providing our national leadership against decline, corruption, and foreign subversion. People like him will only go so far when writing or speaking about what is wrong with the country. Those people will never speak out against Jewish power. Britain’s current race and immigration problems (and much else) are a result of Jewish-led policies over a long period of decades. Anyone who does not think so has obviously never read the books of Kevin MacDonald.

Rarely, an established journalist such as Peter Oborne, comments on “Britain’s Israel Lobby” and they suffer the downturn in their career as a result. But this is very much a rarity.

Jews, politically-correct leftists and those who ‘go with the flow’ usually work very hard. They are now the ones with political power because of their efforts in the past. How do any British Nationalists expect to succeed if they are uninformed and poorly read, lazy, and cowardly? Life does not just throw up changed circumstances – those have to be worked for – and usually, fought for.