Media humbug on ‘Pussy Riot’

An insight into the campaign against Russia for refusing to join the American-Jewish hegemony

Martin Webster

Below is a posting from Israel Shamir, Editor of the ‘Shamireaders’ Yahoo Group. I do not agree with everything Shamir writes, but his output is always well worth reading.

Shamir is an Israeli Russian-Jew anti-Zionist campaigner who converted to Russian Orthodox Christianity a few years ago. The posting gives some excellent insights into the ‘Western’ (i.e. USA / Zionist-Jewish) assault on Russia in general and Vladimir Putin in particular.

While no human being is perfect, Putin is the greatest and perhaps the only major bastion against the effort being made by the American-Jewish “Behemoth” to impose a tyranny over the entire world.

Shamir’s article gives some very revealing insights. For example, did you know that the remnant of Communist Party of GB, grouped around the Morning Star daily newspaper, is sympathetic to the current American-Jewish assault on Russia and refuses to criticise the Neo-Cons who have pushed America into a sequence of wars in the Middle East designed to make the region safe for Israel?

Putin’s interventions at the Security Council of the United Nations have not only allowed the secular Syrian government of Bashar al-Assad to mount an effective fight in a civil war instigated by American, French and other ‘Western’ intelligence agencies and their proxies (including Al-Qaeda!) but have also frustrated efforts to mount a formal foreign intervention ‘authorised’ by the UN, as was done in the case of Iraq.

If Syria falls to the motley of mainly non-Syrian Western-backed terrorists (including Bangla Deshis from London’s Tower Hamlets!) and becomes absorbed into the American-Jewish hegemony just as Libya has been, then a war on on Syria’s neighbour, Iran, is but a border-crossing away.

It is Putin’s interventions at the UN which have given some degree of protection to Iran in the face of a wholly hypocritical Israeli American campaign to stop Iran developing nuclear technology.

That campaign is being pursued in support of Israel’s determination to be the only country in the Middle East not only to possess nuclear technology but an arsenal of nuclear-tipped missiles far bigger than that now possessed by Britain. Yet Israel still formally denies (when it can stifle its giggles) that it does not possess any nuclear weapons.

America now pays more to maintain Israel’s nuclear-equipped armed forces than Israel. (See this link).

It is when one appreciates this scenario that one realises why the American government, its sundry vassal states in Europe and the largely Jewish-controlled mass media are putting so much effort into backing each, every and any anti-Putin element in Russia.

The assault was led in the first instance by various Western ‘Non-Government Organisations’. NGOs are supposedly non-political bodies dedicated to furthering cultural and welfare objectives and promoting goodwill. But the propaganda poison Western NGOs disseminated and the agitation they encouraged and subsidised constituted such an outrageous political campaign that no self-respecting sovereign state would tolerate such subversion.

Putin’s Russia is self-respecting and jealous of its sovereignty and so the alien NGO cuckoos have been driven out, bag and baggage.

Closely associated with the efforts of the NGOs were the Russian-Jewish ‘Oligarchs’ who had made their billions by robbing Russia of its assets when the country was prostrate following the end of Communist rule, and who, when the Russian Bear stood up and began to growl, fled abroad (many to Israel) with their ill-gotten gains, which they used to fund “dissident” groups in Russia.

Among these “dissidents” may be found scum-of-the-earth hippy trash such as the all-female punk rock group Pussy Riot, who render their name in English, not in Russian.

The ‘Western’ media, not least the BBC, have been in over-drive trying to portray these vile women as “martyrs” and “heroines” and who now find themselves in jail for an “anti-Putin demonstration”. There was a typical example of this propaganda broadcast at 8.00pm last Monday, 1st October, by BBC Radio 4 in its Analysis series: “Putin, the Patriarch and Pussy Riot”.

This programme may be archived for a week or longer on the BBC web site. Go see. The presenter was Lucy Ash [Ash? Short for “Ashkenazi”?] The producer was Nick Sturdee. [Sturdee? That is the first time I have encountered that formulation as an British surname.]

What the Analysis programme and the rest of the West’s mainly Jewish-controlled media seeks to obscure is the fact that a gang of female hippy-trash took time off from participating in filmed group-sex antics to gate-crash a service at Moscow’s Cathedral of Christ the Saviour where they invaded the altar area and danced around chanting obscenities and abuse against Putin and the Russian Orthodox Church. The enraged congregation summoned the police, who arrested the shrieking harpies.

Analysis sought to blame Putin himself for the offensive (blasphemous to Christians) “demonstration”. The Russian Orthodox Church was also awarded blame for being on good terms with the Russian government. The Patriarch of the Orthodox Church was smeared as being “corrupt”. He wore an expensive wrist watch. What if we applied that kind of test to senior clerics of the Church of England — or indeed leading rabbis of the UK’s United Synagogue or Beth Din?

Can we imagine what would have been the reaction of the media and the Establishment body politic if a group of anti-Jewish punks (if there be such hobgoblins) had burst into a synagogue during a High-Holy Day service and danced around the cabinet containing the Scrolls of the Law singing songs laced with obscenities and denuciations of Israel’s genocide against the Palestinian people?

They would have been arrested and changed with offences contrary to the ‘Public Order Act as Amended by the Race Relations Act’, e.g.: “Racially and/or Religiously Aggravated Incitement to Hatred” or some such legal concoction. On conviction the perpetrators would find themselves with jail sentences of up to five years.

That is exactly what has happened to the Pussy Riot rabble. But to believe the Western media, you would think they had been on a peaceful if noisy demonstration when they were set-upon by state spooks and given lengthy jail terms simply for “criticising Putin”.

The only difference between my hypothetical case and the actual event in Russia is that the Pussy Riot victims were Christians and, to the ‘Western’ politically correct mind-set, white-gentile-Christians should not expect as much (or indeed any) protection from anti-‘Hate’ laws as minority ethnic groups, especially the Jews! After all, it was the Board of Deputies of British Jews who devised and promoted the first version of the Race Relations Act under the title of the ‘Group Libel Bill’ during the early 1950s. Are they not entitled to special privileges?

This example of the media’s power to mislead, disinform and inflict character assassinations brings to mind an anecdote related to me by the late A.K. Chesterton MC, who co-founded the National Front in 1967. In the early 1950s he was Literary Advisor to Lord Beaverbrook (Max Aitken), owner of the Beaverbrook Press, then the mightiest press empire in Britain, whose flagship was the Daily Express.

Chesterton was occasionally invited to Beaverbrook’s country mansion for weekend house parties. At these Chesterton lost no opportunity to lobby Beaverbrook about the machinations of “Jewish International Finance”. Beaverbrook was very well up on that subject and agreed with Chesterton that “the Money Power” was pursuing anti-British policies and was intent on dragooning all peoples and nations into a World Government.

After several such meetings Chesterton put it to Beaverbook: “It seems we agree on all the essentials. As you run the greatest newspaper organisation in the country, why do you not use your asset to expose to the world what Jewry is doing – and seeking to do?”

Beaverbrook looked back at Chesterton aghast, gripped his arm and said: “You just don’t know what you are asking! These people can tear the flesh from your bones ….. the flesh from your bones!”

We must be grateful that there is somebody in the world of High Politics who, as calmly and as skilfully as he can, is standing up to “These People”. That man is Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin.

We should also be grateful for people like Israel Adam Shamir, who has been able to  shrug off “the weight of three thousand years”.

Martin Webster.