The Truth About “Diversity”

Here’s the truth about so-called “Diversity”. “Diversity” is one of the Left’s favourite words, but that’s only because they’ve ascribed a new, poisonous meaning to it. Take a look at this video to see what I mean. In it, ​Barbara Lerner Spectre, an American Jew who is targeting Sweden, calls for the destruction​ of Christian European ethnic societies.

Now take a look at the next video, below, to see what these people are saying when it comes to themselves. This video is very good as it shows racist policies of Israel at that time, e.g. a TV statement by Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu boasting about how Israel had taken effective steps, including building a “fence” to keep out “infiltrators from Africa” and how any such “infiltrators” who had managed to evade Israel’s border security would soon be deported.

And for a brilliant, in-depth examination of the concept of “diversity” take a look at this video:

John Northwind