Poliltical violence has always been used by the Left

Will Wright

Fight or flight…or something else?

It is well-known that human beings and other animals have a biological ‘fight or flight’ mechanism. Aggressive animals fight while timid animals flee. But what is less well-known, is that sometimes neither standing and fighting nor fleeing are possible. Then, animals do something else instead. An animal that is caught and overwhelmed by a bigger, more powerful predator goes limp. This is an involuntary biological reaction.

A hare caught by a fox, or a wildebeest caught by a lion goes limp. This might be so that it does not suffer too much when death is close. When explorer, David Livingstone, was caught by a lion, he was surprised that he went limp. He was lucky to survive to tell the tale.

A fictional gangster related that usually when he received a good kicking from gangland rivals, he went limp.

While that is a biological reaction, there appears to be a psychological equivalent. When human beings are forced into the presence of bigger, more aggressive human beings they tend to submit, and then become permanently submissive. This might explain why some women stay in abusive relationships, and why some men are raped in male prisons.

Once men become submissive, they experience a drop in their testosterone levels, which in turn makes them even more submissive – a vicious circle. Violent, dominant males experience a rise in the level of their bodies’ testosterone, which makes them even more violent and dominant.

Political violence and the psychology of dominance

Abnormally violent people, such as the Kray twins, either overwhelm others by excessive, sadistic violence, or they intimidate them with the threat of it. Anyone overwhelmed by unexpected, very fast, excessive violence tends to surrender and become submissive.

But it is not just gangsters who know this. Left-wing extremist revolutionaries and terrorists have always known this dark psychology, and use it in political violence against people who actively disagree with them.

Many Jews traditionally hated the established order in Christian White Europe. They plotted to overthrow it. If they could convince large numbers of the lower classes to rise up against their rulers, then the Jewish revolutionaries could achieve their aim.

This depended on convincing the masses of Marxist economic theories, and then inciting them to violence. Large numbers of violent workers could destroy the old order. Communist revolution always depended on violence and intimidation. Jews like Marx and Trotsky saw this as overwhelming and successful.

After a revolution there was always a period of terror. A totalitarian state frightened the population into submission.

Political violence is often used by the Left
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When the political violence of communism met its match

After the First World War, German National Socialism and Italian Fascism defeated Communist political violence. They had to be prepared to meet violence with violence. The Nazis exposed to the public what Communism was really about. They were able to attract large numbers of German workers away from Communism, and then turn the violence on to the Communist leadership. Violent revolutionaries got some of their own medicine.

When highly-organised Jewish Communists attacked some of Sir Oswald Mosley’s meetings in the 1930s, they got more than they bargained for, and were on the receiving end of violence from Blackshirt meeting stewards.

But those Communists, back then, did not have a victim mentality. They still intended to use political violence themselves in future. What changed things was when the liberal press condemned Fascist violence (but oddly, not Communist violence). Some Communists then saw that they could use the liberal conscience as an unwitting ally.

By the 1970s, the Socialist Workers Party openly advocated the use of violence against National Front demonstrations. Yet it saw no contradiction in later screaming about “fascist” violence when its own street fighters got the worst of the violence that they had initiated.

Communism in decline

Western populations gradually became more affluent. Marxist economic ideas held much less appeal. Those theories also became discredited. Communist agitators could no longer incite the workers to violent revolution. Or win elections.

In the past there were two kinds of working class people. The best types were aspirational. But they not only wanted to better themselves economically, but educationally. The rougher elements of the working class wanted instant gratification – beer and football. More material goods, but not better education.

Many people in modern Britain are an odd mixture. They are classless, but not in a good way. They are materially much better off than their parent’s generation and more middle class. Yet they are very unacademic and non-intellectual – like the roughest elements of the old working class.

Old-style Communism is dead. If left-wing revolutionaries are going to find any shock troops for a violent revolution, it will be among the immigrant descended non-Whites. The politics of grievance and resentment. Jewish intellectuals, ‘former’ Communists, have invented Political Correctness, which has replaced the old Communism, and that is why some know it as Cultural Marxism.

Political Correctness

Old-style Communists wanted to decapitate White European countries, then replace the old elites with new Jewish elites. Cultural Marxists want to ‘castrate’ Western manhood. White men are told that masculinity is toxic. Feminism is promoted. Every city has an outrageous annual ‘Pride’ march. Transgenderism is promoted.

It was always the case that some immigrants were violent and criminals. Since the early 1900s, East End London Jews were gangsters and violent Communists. More recently, Pakistanis and Blacks have tended to be violent and criminals.  But it is thought by some scientists that Black Africans (of both sexes) have more testosterone than their White or Asian counterparts. Some people speculate that this is because Black Africans are an older race. But testosterone makes people potentially violent. The very “toxic masculinity” that the Politically Correct brigade are supposed not to like! At least in White men.

Blacks, Indians and Pakistanis, and all other racial minorities are encouraged to be very assertive in White countries. But White people are made to feel ashamed of their country, their history, their culture. White men are being cowed. They are failing educationally. They seem to be actually becoming gradually less intelligent, for the reasons that Edward Dutton gives in some of his books. Constant intimidation, including political violence, is lowering testosterone levels and making White men even more submissive and docile.

Has political violence disappeared?

Old Communist revolutions were achieved by violence, and then the new Communist regimes ruled by terror and state violence against dissenting individuals. At the moment, Political Correctness seems to be winning through the educational system, the media, the law, and traditional politics.

White people, but particularly White men, are being subdued while we drift into extinction and replacement by non-European peoples. There is not presently the same level of terror as in Stalinist Russia. But people are intimidated. So what are we afraid of?

Losing our homes? Losing our jobs? Becoming social pariahs? Being imprisoned? Isn’t the real truth that we have been intimidated by psychological techniques, including political violence, that rely on our biological responses to either fight or flee when we can no longer do either? So we become subdued, submissive, and psychologically castrated by a low testosterone count. Psychologically speaking, we go limp and ready for death.

And perhaps the threat of revolutionary violence has not really disappeared after all. There are large and growing numbers of racial foreigners. They are growing ever more confident and assertive. Will Black and Pakistani violent mobs one day be released on the British population – if we ever try to reassert ourselves?

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