Labour Struggles With “Antisemitism”

Labour and antisemitism
From the Hull Daily Mail of 7th August 2018

In response to this news item concerning Labour Party “antisemitism”, Will Wright, who lives in Hull, wrote to the Hull Daily Mail, which published his letter on 20th August 2018. Here is his letter:

Labour and "antisemitism"

Will’s reference to Momentum and its Jewish organiser, Jon Lansman, is there because it illustrates very well the power exercised over politicians and political parties by influential Jews and Jewish organisations.

Lansman was instrumental in Jeremy Corbyn’s election as party leader in 2015, and in the selection of a raft of far-left candidates to represent Labour in the 2016 General Election. In his role as Chairman of Momentum, he addressed the Limmud Festival of Jewish Learning and Culture in Birmingham in December 2017 to say that Labour must do more to stamp out “antisemitism” within its ranks.

Jon Lansman

He identified no less than three categories of “antisemitism” in Labour. Two of them, he freely acknowledges, are not much of a problem. The third arises from the Israel-Palestine conflict, and he bemoans the “dreadful anti-Semitism” that it engenders.

His answer is not to examine the causes of this “antisemitism”, such as Israel’s genocide programme for the Palestinians, and to see if there are any lessons to learn from it, but to “stamp it out, oppose it, make clear it is unacceptable”.

He defended his promotion of Jeremy Corbyn as Labour leader by saying that he was “the only person on the Left who could have gone on the ballot paper”. That’s as good an endorsement as you’re likely to get from someone like Lansman. But back to his crusade against “antisemitism”.

Historically, whatever “antisemitism” has come out of the Labour Party has come from the far left rather than from the mainstream, or right, of the party. So why does someone like Lansman promote candidates of the far left? Wouldn’t they be more inclined to feed the “antisemitism” he professes to be so worried about?

It wouldn’t be because Lansman and his allies in Momentum and elsewhere have a secret agenda, would it? To stoke divisions in Labour in order to split the party so they can prepare the ground for an even more obnoxious (if that’s possible) party of the left? One that Jews and Jewish organisations can control even better than they now control Labour?

This is not as unlikely as it might at first appear. Look at what the largely Jewish mainstream media here in Britain are able to get away with. Here is Will Wright’s explanation.

Spot the difference?
  • Hitler claimed that, of all the peoples on earth, the Aryan race is nature’s ‘master race’. He is denounced for ever more as a race-hater. Conversely, the Jews’ holy book states that, of all the peoples on earth, God loves the Jews the most, they are the Chosen people. We must accept this in the interests of religious tolerance.
  • During the break-up of Yugoslavia, the Serbs forcibly moved non-Serbs from the territory they controlled – this was condemned by the media as ‘ethnic cleansing’. Conversely, Israel continues to forcibly move Palestinian Arabs from territory it controls – the media calls this ‘Israel’s right to a national homeland’.
  • In 2003 Iraq was thought to have broken a UN ruling and it was given a strictly limited time to put this right before facing bombing and invasion. Conversely, Israel violates UN rulings repeatedly, over decades, and no punishment is forthcoming.
  • Iran is believed to be developing nuclear power and is told to stop by the USA. North Korea tests missiles that could carry a nuclear warhead and is told to stop by the USA. Conversely Israel is widely acknowledged to have about eighty nuclear missiles. The USA operates a ‘don’t ask, don’t tell’ policy towards Israel and continues to give it financial, political and military backing.
  • In the 1970s the National Front advocated “Stop Immigration – Start Repatriation” (so Britain could be exclusively British) and was denounced across the media as a ‘fascist party’. Britain must be multi-racial claims the Jewish press. Conversely, Israel passes a law to facilitate Israel becoming ‘an exclusively Jewish state’. Anyone here in Britain who questions this is called an ‘anti-Semite’ and a ‘Nazi’.
  • Two countries that are geographically outside of Europe like to be thought of as ‘European’ for political reasons – Turkey and Israel. Turkey joins NATO and applies to join the EU. Conversely, Israel shuns joining either.

Zionists and their political lackeys claim that the Jews are an ‘exceptional’ people. They claim that Israel is an ‘exceptional’ country. Well, it certainly seems that they are the exception to the rules that most peoples of the world have to obey. I wonder why?