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This blog has been set up to do three main things.

First, we want to set out the history and traditions of the Anglo-Celtic peoples so these may be handed down to future generations of our people. Secondly, we intend to keep the flame of White racial nationalism burning, and play a part in ensuring that the Anglo Celtic nations survive the deadly threat of race-mixing and internationalism now facing them.

And thirdly, we aim to provide an online forum for all Anglo-Celts of like mind to come together and share experiences and ideas, to meet with each other and organise to start turning the tide in the fight for our survival. [An actual online forum is not yet on this site, but we shall be adding one shortly.]

Culture is a product of race, and in preserving our culture the preservation of our racial identity is fundamental. As Britain’s Jewish prime minister, Benjamin Disraeli, said in his novel, Coningsby, written in the nineteenth century, “Language and religion does not make a race. Only blood does that.”

Not all White people are Anglo-Celtic, but it’s fair to say that Anglo-Celts form a vital part of the White race. We at Anglo-Celtic.org are British and so we are part of the Anglo-Celtic branch of the White race.

We believe that we Anglo-Celts are unique. We are a creative, productive race and a force for good on this earth. We are still the dominant race in large parts of the world – the British Isles, North America and Australasia in particular – even though we face a deadly threat to our very existence in the form of “multi-culturalism”, or multi-racialism.

Ours is a long history, rich in achievement, and we are proud of it. We have a right to survive, but this right has been under attack from our enemies for many years. It now falls to us to make a call to action to all White racial nationalists. Wake up to who your real enemies are, and join with us on this site to help spread the word and preserve our race and culture into the future.

This is going to be an uphill struggle. We are faced with many enemies and unfavourable circumstances, including the following:

1. The process of the mongrelisation of White people all over the world is far advanced. Whites generally have low birth rates and are dwindling in numbers in their ancestral homelands, non-whites are rapidly increasing through high birth rates and levels of immigration, and the number of children of mixed race being born each year is alarming.

In many of our large towns and cities White British people are now outnumbered. Non-whites crowd our schools, hospitals, colleges, welfare centres, prisons, shopping centres, and just about everywhere else. Oppressive laws have, since the 1960s, tried to prevent us from speaking out freely against this sinister danger. Patriots have on many occasions been tried for criminal offences such as “incitement to racial hatred” and sentenced to long terms of imprisonment.

Successive British governments, both Labour and Conservative, have allowed into our country ever-increasing numbers of racial aliens. The “asylum seekers”, so-called (nearly all of them young and male and originating from Africa or southern Asia), are allowed to cross the English Channel from France and land on the shores of Kent. The government and the RNLI charity actively assist them in reaching our country safely. They are then housed in 4-star hotel accommodation until their applications for residency are “processed”. They are given taxpayers’ money to keep them alive.

A substantial proportion of these people are convicted criminals, particularly robbers, rapists, and drug dealers. Who in their right mind thinks they are really going to be any kind of asset to this country? The available evidence shows that many of them waste no time in joining drugs gangs to further destroy the lives of young White people (and thereby reduce their birth rate even further). Now the hotel accommodation (organised by the traitors of the Home Office) is running out, and offshore barges are being considered to accommodate them. Our green and pleasant land is being destroyed by new housing everywhere, which directly or indirectly is due to the housing demands of this insane “open door” policy.

Our country is now a tinder box waiting to blow up. Are these people, who will outnumber us, the native population, within a few years, going to treat us, or our descendants, kindly when they are the majority? The people responsible for this situation (the enemy within) are mass-murderers. They know exactly what they are doing. They should be brought to justice at the earliest possible moment. Sadly, it is going to take a lot of bloodshed, and thousands of innocent people will die, if the White race is to even stand a chance of surviving here in Great Britain.

2. The denial of the will of the British people. The result of the 2016 referendum showed us that there is still an overwhelming majority of native Britons who are patriotic and racially aware. Yet there is no genuine racial-nationalist movement in Britain today to represent them. Since that time the British Government has “negotiated” a so-called withdrawal from the European Union that, in all important aspects, leaves us tied to it. Brexit has been comprehensively betrayed, and yet government supporters and many in the media would have us believe that the Conservative Party “got Brexit done”.

3. The education system in Britain has for the last 50 years or more been dominated by the left. Teachers in state education have for decades been failing to teach their pupils the elementary basics of maths, English, history and geography. History in particular has been marginalised, so many pupils leave school without knowing anything about their rich cultural heritage. Those that go onto college or university are easy pickings for the Marxist professors to subvert and turn against their own people.

In recent years this has been made even worse with the advance of the “woke” and “LGBTQ+” agendas, with millions of our impressionable school children being indoctrinated by cultural marxists masquerading as teachers and lecturers into believing, for example, that there are 57 genders. The BBC teaches that there are over 150 different genders to choose from. You really couldn’t make this stuff up. Meanwhile, the damage that this evil nonsense is doing to our young folk is incalculable.

4. The media has been completely in the hands of the internationalist elite (otherwise known as cultural marxists) for many years. One of the topics this blog will be covering from time to time is the story of the National Front from its formation in 1967 to its demise in 1984. In its time this party faced the most intensely hostile blitz from the media, especially in the period 1977 to 1979. This was prompted by its success in the Greater London Council elections, when the party secured 119,000 votes.

5. The political establishment is almost completely hostile to any manisfestation of racial nationalism by White people. People of other races are free to demonstrate their own racial pride, even though in most cases they have nothing to justify it, but Whites are not. In the 1970s and 1980s the National Front frequently had its statutory rights denied, especially at election time, when publicly-owned meeting halls were denied to it and extreme measures taken to try and prevent it from taking part in the election process.

This is only a skeleton outline of the recent history and current state of racial nationalism in Britain. There will be more news and views published in this blog regularly, and resources made available for distribution, so the history, achievements and traditions of Anglo-Celts can be known by everyone.

Join with us now in working, through this site, to re-awaken our people to our unique history and destiny as a distinct race re-claiming our rightful place as the owner of our ancestral homelands around the world.

In particular, why not make a start right now by joining us in our Campaign to Abolish the BBC? Just click here.

20th April 2023

3 thoughts on “Welcome to Anglo-Celtic.org”

  1. The only thing more alarmingly disturbing than promotional race-mixing is how some of us are actually feeble-minded and faint-hearted enough to go along with it. I don’t know what you guys are going to do over in Britain. It’s gonna be tough for you, yet somehow my inner WN optimism makes me think you’ll succeed in preserving authentic British ethnic groups in your country. In some ways we have it easier in the US, in other ways harder, but i do believe our race will not only survive but also stem the tide.

  2. Great website and great message!! I hope your success in instilling our people in ethnic pride.

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