We are launching a campaign to abolish the BBC

For many years the BBC has been run by the extreme left. It has had everything its own way. The communists, marxists and other riff-raff who control it now feel so impregnable that they are quite blatant in their lies, distortions and bias. And if anyone complains about this they just ignore it. So it is time to abolish the BBC.

It’s true there is a complaints procedure that anyone is free to follow if they wish to complain. But this procedure is so beset with restrictions and time and word-count limits, and the issuing of multiple “case numbers”, that it quickly becomes a quagmire for anyone who takes that path.

We at Anglo-Celtic have experienced this first-hand. We have complained to the BBC about the content of three radio broadcasts which we know from personal experience to be full of lies. These programmes were produced by left-wing producers and presenters, and contained interviews with left-wing interviewees. No other viewpoint was given any air space. All this was in breach of its own Charter and Agreement.

The factual errors were almost too numerous to mention. We produced evidence in the form of contemporary press reports from newspapers such as The Sunday Times and the Jewish Chronicle that directly contradict the account of events presented as “fact” in these broadcasts. Our complaints together with the supporting evidence completely demolished all the points made in these programmes. Yet the BBC and, later, Ofcom rejected all our complaints (three in number, referencing 93 cases of downright lies, distortion and bias) without giving any reason. It MUST be time to abolish the BBC.

The BBC just ignores complaints

We filed a fourth complaint – this time about the way in which the first three complaints had been handled. As expected, the BBC just ignored it, and never even bothered to reply.

This is a classic case of a national institution, whose supposed purpose is to provide broadcasting services for the benefit of our country and its citizens, in accordance with its Charter and Agreement, having been infiltrated over many years and now taken over completely by cultural marxists. That is, people whose purpose in life is the undermining of Western civilization so as to lead to its collapse and replacement with their own peculiar form of world government that would enslave us all.

More and more people every day are waking up to what has happened. But that’s not enough. Something has to be done and it has to be done now. And that something is to abolish the BBC. If enough of us feel the same way and can put aside for the time being political differences in other fields then we have a real chance of success. But we cannot do anything on our own, as individuals. We have to organise ourselves to challenge this evil. Take the first, small step now by finding out a little more about BBC lies, distortions and bias, so you can judge for yourself.

Click here to download a PDF summarising the complaints themselves and the way in which the BBC refused to deal with them, in breach of its own “Complaints Framework”.

And click here to download the text of all three of our complaints (in PDF format), including exhibits, together with all the correspondence between the complainant and the BBC and Ofcom, plus a fourth complaint lodged against the BBC concerning the way in which they handled the first three complaints.

Check out our Download Page to make sure you have all the information and documents at our disposal. Click here.

Finally, register your interest now in wishing to help us in our campaign. Just click here.

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