Transgenderism: a personal opinion

Will Wright

There have always been human and animal freaks of nature born. An old man, who I once worked with, and who died a couple of years ago, once told me that his mother had worked as a midwife. He claimed that midwives in the past often used their discretion to ‘smother’ some of the worst cases of human freaks born.

There have been very rare and sad cases of people born with ambiguous genitals and other features of the opposite sex. When babies were classified as either male or female, a tiny number were wrongly registered at birth. This caused such people to live very unhappy lives. Over the last sixty or so years, some of those people were offered the chance to change their gender, with the help of psychiatric counselling, hormone treatment, and eventually surgery.

Our Victorian forefathers were, generally, good Christians, and yet they put some human freaks in circuses for fair-going crowds to gawp at. To modern people that seems unkind. I believe that perhaps those extremely rare people who are of indeterminate gender, born today, should be treated with human kindness. Medical science should help them where it can.

The strange case of Jan Morris

What I have written above does not cover the whole picture.

James Morris was a proud Welshman, a British patriot, and a soldier in the British army. He was happily married and loved his wife and children. He was a journalist and a talented travel writer. He wrote the Pax Britannica Trilogy of books about the British Empire.

But Morris harboured a dark secret. All of his life he had believed that he should have been born female. In the 1960s, he went to North Africa and had what was then called a “sex change operation”. He wrote a book about the experience. It is called Conundrum. It is a fascinating read. Does that make me as prurient and as bad as those Victorian circus crowds? I do not know.

James Morris became Jan Morris. He had the full support of his wife and children. Although he divorced his wife, they still lived together. In more modern times, they later had a civil partnership. The first book of Pax Britannica, was written by a man. But Morris wrote the other two as a woman.

But why I relate this story, is because Jan Morris clearly does not fit the description above of someone born as a freak of nature. Morris was living successfully as a man. Morris’ problem appears to be a deeply psychological one. Was he insane? He appears to have lived a happy life for about eighty years – half of it as a man, half of it as a woman. He had no regrets.

As a writer, Morris wanted to explain his situation. But I do not believe that he sought to influence anyone else to have a “sex change”. He was not a campaigner, and certainly not a political militant.

You might be surprised to learn that I have a degree of sympathy for Jan Morris. Because I do feel human sympathy for those with very troubling psychological and mental problems, as well with those people born as physical oddities.

Some psychiatrists and psychologists believe that some people who are born with perfectly normal bodies, never the less genuinely believe that they were “born in the wrong body”. It is not really their bodies that needs fixing – but their minds. But such people currently cannot be persuaded to change their minds. So doctors alter their bodies instead, after much intense psychological probing.

I believe that both the physical oddities and the psychological ones are very small groups of people. Probably most of them do not hurt anyone else.

But there is something very important and quite new to consider.

A recent modern evil

The modern extreme-Left political group known as ‘Transgenderism’ is a positive evil that needs to be ruthlessly crushed. I do not think that to believe that is to be inconsistent with what I have written above. I will attempt to explain why.

When we consider authentic transgender people, we are thinking about very small numbers of people. They include those cursed with physical abnormality and those with deep-rooted psychological problems who actually go through with physical sex change operations. Any political activists among their number must be a vanishingly small number – a small minority of a small minority.

But most of those who push the widespread, well-publicised, Transgender campaign are not authentic transgender types. They are what I, and many others, call Cultural Marxists. Some other people call them extreme liberals. These people want to break up and destroy society. They want to spread mass confusion. They want large numbers of the population to be hopelessly confused as to their own identity. Particularly their gender identity.

Vast numbers of ordinary children are now being urged to consider whether they accept the gender that they were assigned at birth. Impressionable, but healthy, children and young adults are being bulldozed into using irreversible puberty-blockers, hormone treatment – and sometimes even surgery. That is downright evil. It threatens the survival of our people and our civilisation. It must be stopped.

Some male sex offenders are now claiming to self-identify as women. They will be safer in female prisons. But their fellow prisoners will not be! Some such prisoners have raped female prisoners. The alleged transgender prisoners have not undergone psychological counselling, hormone treatment, nor surgery. They still have their penises, and their violent sex urges.

But we are supposed, as a society, to accept that if they say they are women, then they must be. That is the very dangerous, insane, nature of Political Correctness.

Some women claim to be men. They wear men’s’ hairstyles and men’s clothes. They tightly bind their breasts. But they do not have sex-change operations, or even hormone treatment. They might be thought of as extreme lesbians, rather than genuine transgender cases. They still have their vaginas.

The Transgender Campaign

I think that some of the very militant, very left-wing activists pushing the dangerous Transgender campaign are types like this. But they are reinforced by politically correct politicians like Nicola Sturgeon – who is neither lesbian nor transgender. It is fashionable for mainstream politicians to support Transgenderism, in the interests of equality and diversity. But that is one form of madness that I cannot have any sympathy with.

Many mentally-unwell people have very poorly defined identities. They do not know who they are. Those who seek to spread mass confusion over ordinary people’s identities are public enemies, and must be brought to justice and held to account for their subversive activities. They are anti-social. They are criminal and political subversives and revolutionaries.

Tolerance and understanding can only extend so far!

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