‘White flight’ plus immigration always add up to segregation

This report on White Flight by Alasdair Palmer & Karyn Miller was first published in the Daily Telegraph on 8th October 2006 (to read original source, click here - all emphasis on this page has been added). Nearly twelve years have now elapsed since that time, and the mass-influx of non-white migrants into our country, towns and cities continues unabated...

The call to prayer from the muezzin wafts down the streets five times a
day. Nearly all of the women are veiled in public. It is not easy to buy
alcohol or find an open pub. And, as one resident says: “You can walk
all the way to the shops – you won’t see any whites.”

But this isn’t an exotic city in South Asia or the Middle East. This is
Bradford. The old Victorian city has profoundly segregated
neighbourhoods: areas separated not simply by wealth but by ethnicity,
culture and religion.

Profound segregation along those lines could be the future for many of
our cities.

Graham Gudgin, of the consultants Regional Forecast, has calculated
what that level of migration means for the future of Britain’s cities. He
examined the population and complexion of the UK’s 37 largest cities.

To his surprise, he discovered that, after years of shrinking, many of
Britain’s towns are now increasing in size.

Yet the exodus of middle-class families that was responsible for many
cities falling in population has not ceased or even slowed. It is simply
that the rate of immigration from outside Britain has increased fast
enough to compensate.

Migrants from developing countries typically have more children than
indigenous Britons: they marry younger and start families earlier.

In 2001, the Institute for Economic and Social Research revealed that
the birth rate among Bangladeshi teenagers, for example, was 75 per
1,000, compared with 29 births per 1,000 white teenagers of British parentage. The Bangladeshi girls were almost all married and would go
on to have many more children, while most of the white teenagers
would not.

In the London borough of Newham, where a very high proportion of the
population is from South Asia, the average woman will have 2.5
children. The average number of children for women in Britain as a
whole is 1.8. Where wealth goes up, birth rates go down.

The exodus of wealthier whites and influx of poorer migrants with higher
birth rates means many of Britain’s towns and cities may soon have
majority populations made up of recent migrants. Indeed, Mr Gudgin’s
model predicts that many of them will soon be completely dominated by
new arrivals.

He has calculated what happens, on present trends, to the population of
a hypothetical British city that starts with immigrants making up just one
per cent of the population.

It takes, he notes, “45 years for that population to reach a proportion of
20 per cent of the total”. That, he says, is approximately the number of
years it took for the proportion of migrants to reach 20 per cent in the
British cities where it has actually done so.

It takes a further 20 years for the ethnic share of the population to
double to 40 per cent – the level achieved in London in 2001. But then
the ethnic proportion increases very rapidly, taking a further 12 years to
reach 60 per cent and just another five years to reach 100 per cent.

“Obviously,” says Mr Gudgin, “our cities are not going to be 100 per
cent ethnic in the near future, or probably ever. We have to assume that
migration policy and behaviour will change long before that point is
reached. The model simply shows what would happen if migration
policy and behaviour continued at the same rate as it is today.”

The assumption that policy will change to alter the rate of migration long
before any of Britain’s cities become “100 per cent made up of recent
migrants from other ethnicities” is surely correct. Yet the expectation is
that immigration will increase, rather than diminish, over the next

Mr Gudgin explains his projection’s rapid increase in the ethnic
proportion not just as the result of immigration itself but as the result of
its combination with “white flight” from cities.

The indigenous Britons who leave are those who have the opportunity
to do so, which usually means they have the economic resources to be able to move house. They are usually middle-class rather than working-
class, and often people who own their homes.

Does this mean that the middle classes want to be segregated from
ethnic minority migrants, and will move to ensure that they live in white
neighbourhoods: that they are, in a word, “racist”?

That is the allegation normally thrown at working-class inhabitants of
inner cities: the people who are “left behind”, who complain about “their”
neighbourhoods being “swamped by immigrants”, and who say that
“immigrants are claiming too many benefits and are allowed to jump the
queue for council housing”.

The depressing conclusion – that the middle classes are, despite the
rhetoric of inclusiveness, no more welcoming or inclusive than some of
their working-class compatriots – might turn out to be correct.

Extreme segregation is found in many American cities, where blacks
and whites are often separated in different residential enclaves. Is it the
future for some British towns?

Are we, in the words of Trevor Phillips, the chairman of the Commission
for Racial Equality, “sleepwalking towards segregation”?

The Assault on our Language and Culture

I remember hearing a Labour Party member saying in 1970 that coloured immigration (as “multi-culturalism” was then called) would benefit Britain by “enriching our culture”.

This was in the face of what even in those far-off days was considerable evidence that non-whites tend to debase and distort White culture by superimposing their own sub-cultures upon it.

In the intervening years this evidence has multiplied and now we only have to switch on our television sets or open a magazine to see what black sub-culture is doing to our music, art and way of life. Even the English language is not immune.

Blacks and asiatics are ceaselessly promoted in the mainstream media by the Jews and white liberals who for the most part control it. Blacks, in particular, are portrayed as “artistic” and “sensitive”, in the face of all the evidence of our own eyes and ears. The most cravenly childish and primitive forms of culture – whether crude paintings, sculpture, reggae or similar “music”, or attempts at acting, are thrust upon us as being somehow equal to or even superior to our own.

Black “entertainers” posture on our stages and screens gyrating and swaying, to the applause of white liberals and fellow blacks. Rap artists drone on with their mono-tone, staccato verbal diarrhea backed up by a bongo drum and an electric guitar (and, usually, several other blacks). Even the once staid “Songs of Praise” television program that used to grace our Sunday evenings on BBC1, with choral singing from some of Britain’s finest church choirs, has become largely a platform for black gospel singers shaking their ample hips and emitting sounds that used to be heard on TV in the 1960s in David Attenborough’s reports from African forest clearings.

One of the first casualties of our culture was our language, the English language, spoken by more people worldwide than any other. The language of Shakespeare and Milton, of Wordsworth and Dickens. From the earliest days after mass non-white immigration took a hold on our country alien words have entered our language. Words such as “chillin'”, “chillaxin'”, “dude”, and “holla”, are part of the black sub-language that is attacking the English language.

Other English words, often going back centuries, have been made to mean something different, often the opposite of their original meanings, such as “wicked” and “cool”. One of the most important words that blacks use among their own is “shit”, used to describe just about anything.

The English language word-ending “er”, as in “mister”, “player” or “gangster” becomes “mista”, “playa” and “gangsta”. Ironically, the word “nigger” also falls into this category. It was originally a term of affection used by Whites in the southern United States in the nineteenth century. Then it was made unacceptable in Western countries by the liberal media, who deemed it a “hate” word. Now it has become popular with blacks themselves when greeting each other. And, of course, they spell it “nigga”.

Black obsession with the sex act is reflected in most of their so-called musical efforts, as in “The pussy was da bomb, had a nigga on sprung” or “Bitches get fucked on the roof when I ain’t got no hotel dough”.

Another part of the human anatomy that endlessly fascinates black people is, apparently, what we refer to as the backside. Hence, to “drop it like it’s hot” refers to dropping one’s backside quickly to the rhythm of a song, and catching it just before it touches the floor.

All this is just a small part of the “cultural enrichment” promised us by establishment politicians in the early days of multi-culti. There are now thousands of ways in which the English language has been distorted through its use by non-whites. In fact the situation is now so bad that, according to Dr Dominic Watt, a sociolinguistics expert from the University of York, and the author of ‘The Sounds of the Future’ report, there will be significant and permanent changes to our language by the middle of the century. It goes without saying that these “changes” will invariably be for the worse.

For example, blacks and asiatics have difficulty in pronouncing “th”, as in “the”, “mother” and “think”. The sounds that come out are the more primitive sounding “da”, “muvver” and “fink”. “This” becomes “dis” and “that” becomes “dat”. These people also can’t pronounce the letter “u” properly. So, for example, “beautiful” (not that they tend to use such a word very often) becomes “bootiful” and “duke” becomes “dook”.

In other areas of pronouncement, “red” becomes “wed”, and “real” becomes “weal”. And then there’s the hundreds or maybe thousands of new, primitive words, blacks use in their rap outpourings and, more and more, in their day-to-day language.

So fast is the alien population growing compared to Whites that this deterioration of the English language is now the mainstream way of speaking in many of our large towns and cities, where blacks and asiatics outnumber White Britons. You can imagine the long-term effects all this constant degrading of our beautiful language will have on it, and on our culture in general.

‘The Sounds of the Future’ report also covers the effect of modern technology, and in particular Social Media, on the English language, perhaps in an attempt to prevent accusations of “racism”. You can read more about Dr Watt’s findings here. 

Non-white gangs of youths can be violent racists, too

Martin Webster

This blog post was first published in Professor Kevin MacDonald’s The Occidental Observer on January 6, 2012. A link to that site is under ‘Friendly Sites’ to the right of this page.

Editorial note: The following letter was published, with some deletions, in The Independent regarding the murder convictions of David Dobson and Gary Norris, both White, for the 1993 murder of Stephen Lawrence, who was Black, of West Indian origin. (The link that formerly existed to this letter on The Independent‘s web site has since been edited and leads to a different page.) This is Martin Webster’s original letter, posted here with his permission:


All murders are to be deplored; all murderers should be brought to justice; and the media should give coverage to all such crimes.

This said, I note the different treatment accorded by the Metropolitan Police, the judiciary and the media to the murders by teenage “racist gangs” of 18 year old Stephen Lawrence in Eltham, SE London, in April 1993 and 15 year old Richard Everitt in Somers Town, Camden, North London, in August 1994. Stephen was of West Indian origin; Richard was white.

The circumstances of the murders were similar. Both were attacked by gangs of teenagers who before and after the murders expressed violent racial hatred. Stephen was murdered by a white gang. Richard was murdered by a Bengali gang. Neither victim behaved in any way to provoke even verbal abuse, let alone being stabbed.

Massive media publicity, sustained over nearly two decades, followed Stephen’s case. There was a visit by the Home Secretary to the murder scene where a public monument was erected. A public judicial inquiry was conducted in which the police were denounced as “institutionally racist”. Money was found to fund a private prosecution, which failed.

As we now know, two men, Gary Dobson and David Norris, have been convicted after a second trial at the Old Bailey of Stephen’s murder and sentenced to life imprisonment of which they must serve a minimum 15+ years and 14+ years respectively. The judge called for Stephen’s other attackers to be brought to justice because they were engaged in a “joint exercise”. This has been echoed by the entire media and political establishment.

With all this, “Stephen Lawrence” has become a household name. Richard Everitt’s name was never in the headlines for long enough for the public mind to retain it.

Eleven Bengali youths (one as old as 20) were arrested in connection with Richard’s murder. Only two came to trial, Badrul Miah and Showkat Akbar. There were no calls for all the attackers to be prosecuted on a “joint enterprise” basis. Akbar was found guilty of violent disorder and sentenced to three years, of which he served 18 months. Miah was sentenced to life but let out on licence after 11 years despite the trial judge describing it as an “unprovoked racist attack”. The media tried to pressure Richard’s parents to say the murder was not racially motivated.

There was no visit by the Home Secretary to Somers Town, no public monument; no public judicial inquiry; and virtual silence from the local MP Frank Dobson.

I will not attempt to second-guess the jury in the Dobson and Norris trial. I simply wish to suggest that the verdict against them should not be taken as proof that the population of this country — at least, the white working class section of it — is getting justice from the police, the judiciary and the media because they all subscribe to the notion that in Britain only white people and never black people commit offences motivated by racial hatred.

Yours faithfully,

Martin Webster.

The Truth About “Diversity”

Here’s the truth about so-called “Diversity”. “Diversity” is one of the Left’s favourite words, but that’s only because they’ve ascribed a new, poisonous meaning to it. Take a look at this video to see what I mean. In it, ​Barbara Lerner Spectre, an American Jew who is targeting Sweden, calls for the destruction​ of Christian European ethnic societies.

Now take a look at the next video, below, to see what these people are saying when it comes to themselves. This video is very good as it shows racist policies of Israel at that time, e.g. a TV statement by Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu boasting about how Israel had taken effective steps, including building a “fence” to keep out “infiltrators from Africa” and how any such “infiltrators” who had managed to evade Israel’s border security would soon be deported.

And for a brilliant, in-depth examination of the concept of “diversity” take a look at this video:

John Northwind