The Great Replacement, Racial Integrity, and Coming Apart

Will Wright

Integrity and Coming Apart

Today, I want to tell you about some thoughts I’ve had, in part prompted by Charles Murray’s book, Coming Apart – The State of White America 1960-2010.

If a proud and brave nation is defeated in a war, that nation can still rise again. Even if it is occupied by foreign troops, or ruled by a racial minority. The German nation was defeated in the First World War. But the Germans again became a world power, and in a surprisingly short time.

But if a nation loses its pride and its courage and descends into decadence and degeneracy, then it is very much harder to create a national revival. A nation must keep its integrity. That means its racial integrity and its moral integrity.

I have written before about Race. I have written about The Great Replacement – how all White European nations are being replaced in their homelands by non-White peoples. I have also written about the harmful effects of having an influential and powerful Jewish minority in Britain and the United States in particular.

I want to write about Race again, but to concentrate on White people. We know about the dangers of us being replaced. We know that inter-breeding between races in the Western World will destroy our people. Inter-racial breeding is being heavily promoted by television advertising agencies working for global monopolist capitalists.

But what makes all of this possible? If our people are proud and brave and intelligent, then should we not be rising up against all of this in our hundreds of thousands? Has something happened to make us submissive to our enemies? Have we become stupid, or cowardly, or both?

Edward Dutton has explained that the British nation was becoming increasingly intelligent up to about 1800. But he also explains why this process has gone into reverse since that time, whereby we are now becoming less intelligent. We might be reaching a critical point. I covered this in an earlier letter. Or you can read At Our Wit’s End. Dutton continues this theme in another book, The Past is a Future Country, where he explains how civilisations end. He points out that when Roman civilisation collapsed, it then took about a thousand years for Europeans to reach the same level of civilisation.

But let’s get back to Coming Apart, by Charles Murray.

We must love ourselves – we must love our own people

Enemies of racial nationalism assert that our ideology is about hating other races. They could not be more wrong. Nationalism is about loving our own people and our own country. We need to know what is wrong with our people in order for us to recover and then defeat the existential threat to our people.

If all British people were both mentally and physically healthy and fit, then we would be much better equipped to defend ourselves. If we were still a very moral people then we would be able to resist our enemies far better. These points are often lost on less intelligent people on the fringes of what was our political movement.

Charles Murray is an American academic, so he writes about US society. But there is still much to be learned by British readers of his books. Murray is not a racial nationalist, he is not ‘one of us’. But his commentaries are useful to racial nationalists.

It is good, for a change, to have a book that concentrates on what is wrong with our race, rather than what is wrong with other races. If we can heal our own people then we are unbeatable.

The book is really about how the US upper middle class has spawned a new super-rich, and politically and culturally remote, Upper Class. It is also about how the old working class has given birth to a new White Lower Class, which is in some ways the equivalent of the Black underclass. The Upper Class is much richer, cleverer, and more remote from the rest of US society than any previous rich people. While the Under Class is becoming dumber and lazier than any White working class people ever were previously. Hence the title, Coming Apart.

As a racial nationalist, I would like to see a classless nationalist movement, and a largely classless society. Even if that aim is too idealistic, I would like to see the people at the top of society caring about their own people and their own country. And providing a proper national leadership.

I do not want to see the White people lower down society becoming poorer, lazier, less educated, less healthy, less moral, and more criminal. We do not want White society to be widely divided by class – we want it to be united in a common effort to raise our nation up.

Everything that Charles Murray identifies in America is also happening in the United Kingdom, and other European countries, if to a less extreme degree.

What particularly caught my attention and interested me, was when Murray tells us what America used to be like in 1960, versus what it is like now. He says that America was built on marriage, industriousness, honesty, and religiosity. He devotes a chapter to each of these topics. It is staggering how US society has changed in fifty years throughout my lifetime. I know who I blame for that bad change. But we need to read Kevin MacDonald to find those answers, rather than Charles Murray, as brave and well-intentioned as he is.

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