Feminism undermines the White European World

Will Wright

Feminism – a Horrible history?

Terry Deary wrote his series of books, Horrible Histories, likely aimed at children and illustrated with humorous cartoons. But to many modern Westerners history is horrible. The naïve and the politically correct would like people in history to have lived as people do today. They think that historical figures should be judged by today’s politically correct standards.

For almost the entirety of human history, including the last few thousand years that we have been civilised, all peoples lived in hierarchical societies. There was little equality. Slavery was common to all civilisations.

There is something else too that is today controversial. For nearly all of human history, males were very heavily dominant. Whether you are accepting of all of this, or you are appalled by this, makes little difference. These are historical facts.

Did our forebears live naturally, as humans are meant to live? Or are we evolving to be more moral, more god-like beings? Most of the world today acknowledges some form of democracy – even in cases when that is a total or partial sham. But all nations are still ruled by elites, even when their rule is obscured. That has always been so, and always will be so. Slavery lives on in some parts of the world, even though Westerners, and the United Nations, condemn this. In some countries, men are still firmly in charge.


There have always been some strong women, just as there have always been some weak men. There have always been matriarchs and warrior queens. But they were the exception. Women bore children, reared children, and looked after the home. That was so since the primitive days of our hunter-gatherer ancestors. Many believe that men’s and women’s role in a family and within society are biologically determined.

That has become controversial when it once was not. Modern Feminism began as a political movement in the United States. Most of the pioneers were both Jewish and left-wing. If anyone doubts that then look on Wikipedia for ‘List of Jewish feminists’. Names like Betty Friedan, Gloria Steinem and Andrea Dworkin spring to mind.

List of Jewish feminists – Wikipedia

When I think how many different organised Jewish groups have subverted the Western World in degenerate ‘art’, psychology, anthropology, domination of high finance, the creation of Communism, Hollywood films, pornography, gangsterism etc, then I am immediately distrustful of any cause or group that is heavily dominated by Jewish activists.

There are two things that make me opposed to feminism: that it seems to go against the natural order, and that it is Jewish. In many ways, we in the White European world have become a feminised society. That might well mean that we are both a more left-wing society and at a disadvantage in any competition with the non-White world, which is still more aggressive and masculine.

The Feminised Society

Feminists in Western countries have attempted to introduce the idea that masculinity is somehow “toxic”. The obvious implication of that idea is that we should have much less masculinity. That society should be much more feminised. But if all human societies historically were always male-dominated, then it is far too early to know the long-term effects of female-domination. Feminised society is out-of-step with world history. Doesn’t that sound rather subversive?

When Margaret Thatcher became Prime Minister, she was the only woman in her first Cabinet. There were few women in Parliament at that time. Now there are a great many. The BBC’s Daily Politics has a presenter and four guests. Often there is only one man out of five people present. There is a predominance of female newsreaders and political interviewers on most channels. There are also a great many female political commentators in the Western newspapers.

Women will say that they like men who are considerate and listen to them. Men who will do what their wife wants. But then they often marry men who are not at all like their described ‘ideal man’ – they marry very masculine men.

If there is such a thing as ‘toxic masculinity’, then two of its worst manifestations must be the rape of women and serious violence against other men. Black men are disproportionately involved in both those kinds of violence. But oddly, the feminists always attack White male patriarchy, when they mention ‘toxic masculinity’. Both Black men and Black women have more testosterone than their White counterparts. A Japanese scientist suggested that this was because Black Africans are an older and more primitive race of humans. No White scientist alive today would dare to publicly suggest that.

Just as the feminists do not mention Black males who rape, neither do they demand action on organised Pakistani gangs which systematically and repeatedly rape under-age White girls. Is not that ‘toxic masculinity’?

Subversion or immaturity?

When the White European nations ruled much of the world, they were very collective-minded. People thought in terms of family, neighbourhood, their church, and their nation. Today people are both materialistic and individualistic, and often lack any direction. But some nations and races are much more collective-minded today.

Many White people do not believe in anything higher than themselves. Families are dysfunctional, neighbourhoods and churches are in decline. People do not owe allegiance to either God or their country. That will need to change if there is to be a White European racial revival. White society cannot afford divisions – not class, not generational, not religious, and not between the sexes.

White people need to believe in big ideas. Big collective ideas. They need to care about their nations and not materialistic and selfish concerns.

Is feminism born out of materialism and selfishness? Is it simply an immature demand for rights and equality? Or has it been deliberately created to undermine White European civilisation – like much else that is Jewish in origin? It makes you wonder.

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