The Orwellian Concept of ‘Hate Crime’

Philip Gegan
This post was originally published here in October 2020

The Orwellian concept of ‘hate crime’ is here, without any mandate, and our Police Force are enthusiastically supporting it. This is an insidious attack on freedom of expression and must be opposed with all our might. Below is an image of the opening part of the email I recently received as a member of my local Neighbourhood Alert Scheme, together with my reply to them. Any further correspondence relating to it will be published here.

Philip Gegan

Dear Mr Cole

“Hate Crime” Awareness Week 2020

I write in connection with an email I received this week from Neighbourhood Alert, which I believe is run in conjunction with Leicestershire Police. It invited me to support something called “Hate Crime Awareness Week 2020″.

Whilst I support law and order and proper punishments for real crimes, I am not going to support your ridiculous appeal for people to “pledge their support for ‘hate crime’ awareness week”.

The reality is that there is no such thing as a “hate crime”. The attempt to create such an absurdity has only come into existence over the last few years as the assault on our ancient freedoms and liberties by the left has gathered momentum.

Persecuting law-abiding people who express their politically incorrect opinions on Facebook or Twitter is, I suppose, an easier task than taking on hardened criminals who are literally getting away with murder every day.

We have in this country a tradition of freedom of speech that has served us well for hundreds of years, and that we all have a duty to treasure. This freedom has been under attack for several decades, and I for one will not let the madness of “political correctness” destroy it.

My father and grandfather, in their times, marched off to war in the belief that they were defending, among other things, freedom of speech. My uncle gave his life at the age of 25, before I was born, in defending this country from tyranny, and I won’t betray his sacrifice.

Yes, persecuting people for “hate crime” is a form of tyranny. It, together with its twin bastard-brother, “diversity”, is an insidious attack on our very existence as a people and nation. At a time when serious crime and drug offences are spiraling out of control, I am appalled that our own police force, rather than focusing on this horrendous situation, should be virtue-signaling in this way and enthusiastically endorsing the enemies of free speech. I can only suppose that no thought was put into it.

Speaking of thought, I suppose next year you’ll be inviting us to support “Thought Crime Awareness Week”.

Shame on you.

Yours sincerely,

Philip Gegan

Mr Simon Cole,
Chief Constable
Leicestershire Constabulary Force HQ
St. Johns
LE19 2BX

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