Do we have the will to survive?

Will Wright

Whenever a particular idea, such as the will to survive as a unique people, is very unpopular, some of the people who believe in that idea try to disguise the fact to protect themselves. An idea can be unpopular with the masses, in which case politicians pretend that they do not support it, or an idea can be unpopular with those who have political power, in which case many ordinary people try to avoid being in trouble for holding out of favour ideas.

In our own age, the most reviled idea is what we call racial nationalism, and the Media calls ‘racism’. No one wants to be called, or even thought, a ‘racist’. You might lose your job or your home. You might be ostracised or even physically attacked. You could be imprisoned by the state.

But preferring to live with your own people and favouring them in preference to foreigners is a natural instinct. Most White Britons are, on some level, racialists. But the great majority of them dare not say so. In some cases they are either ashamed of their natural instincts, or they do not recognise them for what they are. How a racial and political minority has managed to confuse, subdue, and terrorise the majority is a topic for another day.

People oppose immigration. But no one now wants to say that this should be on the grounds of race. Even the BNP, under Nick Griffin’s leadership, stated that stopping immigration was “about space, not race”. He dropped the BNP’s compulsory immigration policy – which effectively meant that Griffin was accepting a multi-racial society here in Britain. Griffin did not believe in this nonsense, but he thought this was a smart move to bring the BNP nearer to political power. I profoundly disagreed with him, both in principle and as a strategy, and I told him so.

When racial nationalists, or any other group of people, do not tell the truth, they cause themselves problems. As Britons become old and die, without having produced several children, then they create ‘space’ for racial foreigners to occupy. Anyone who is genuinely concerned only with ‘space’ cannot object to that. We must stop immigration on racial grounds, totally regardless of whether or not we have lots of living space.

A difficult question for British Nationalists

I regard non-White immigration and a high immigrant, and immigrant descended, birth-rate as a ticking demographic bomb that might destroy the British nation. If we British people do not reproduce ourselves, then we grow old and die. If racial foreigners pour into our country, then our country will become less and less White.

But clever enemies pose a question that we need to be able to answer: Who will care for you when you become old and infirm? If you do not have sons and daughters, you will need professional care of some kind. But there are currently vacancies for about 160, 000 carers and the problem is becoming worse.

Our ideological enemies suggest that we need immigrants to do our jobs and also to care for us in infirmity and old age. What is our answer? Do we say that we will admit some immigrants, thereby accepting a multi-racial society? Or do we have another answer?

Japanese men are believed to prefer pornography to Japanese women. The Japanese too are dying out. But Japan has millions of robots. Elderly Japanese will be cared for by robots, rather than by immigrants. Japanese factories work around the clock, staffed by robots, without a human being present. Japanese hotels are run by robots. That seems very weird to me.

I almost feel that, given a direct choice, I would rather be cared for by a young Nigerian woman than by a named robot. But should that be the choice? Shouldn’t we be trying to increase the White birth-rate, while excluding foreigners?

Increasing the numbers of indigenous Britons

The generation of Britons currently in their nineties and late eighties have lived to be an older age than their parents did. But I think that trend is already changing. Many White Britons will die before they get anywhere close to ninety.

If the British population figures were to surge due to a sharp rise in the White British birth-rate – rather than through immigration and immigrant births – then that would be a very good thing. Eventually, with fewer old people to support, and with a British Nationalist government stopping immigration and beginning to repatriate foreign peoples, our young people will be given a chance to thrive and prosper.

I am mindful of Edward Dutton’s warning about the two-hundred-year decline in our national intelligence. If we can succeed in increasing the numbers of our population, then should we also be seizing the opportunity to also lift the average intelligence of our population? We need many more of the most intelligent young Britons to have lots of children. Longer-term, we might also need for less intelligent families to have fewer children. For the present we need plenty of White births whichever part of the indigenous community they come from.

But there are a few nettles to be grasped. Things that would be unpopular with the current generation of British Nationalists. We need changes to our society. We need our youth to be less focussed on beer and more on marrying younger. We need British people to be more collectivist minded and less materialistic. We need British women to move away from feminism.

We need to reject Malthusian warnings of world over-population. Let other races reduce their populations – or let Mother Nature reduce non-White populations through natural disasters and wars. The White European Race needs to have a much tighter grip on life. We need to care more about our own and less about other peoples.

These thoughts are controversial in the present politically correct climate. They will be controversial even among racial nationalists. But we need something strong, something drastic for us to survive.

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