Race is a reality

Will Wright

It’s by no means a new idea to say that race is a reality. In February 1947, Sir Arthur Keith, the Scottish anthropologist, wrote the preface to his new book, A New Theory of Human Evolution. This book is now out of print and hard to obtain. Why? It is out of favour with the commissars of political correctness. Yet in his day Keith was the President of the Royal Anthropological Institute.

This book not only covers Race in terms that I agree with, but the author also devotes chapters thirty-seven and thirty-eight to The Jews as a Nation and as a Race. He also deals with anti-Semitism and Zionism.

But since the 1930s, a secret cultural and political revolution has taken place in the Western World. This started in the United States of America and spread to the rest of the West. The Frankfurt School spread political correctness. The original members were all Jewish. They were aided and abetted by several fellow Jews.

Sigmund Freud and the Jewish psychoanalysts from Vienna and Franz Boas and his Jewish following of ‘social’ or ‘cultural’ anthropologists were prominent among these. These Jews radically shifted American cultural and political thinking. The poison spread to the UK and all the other White European countries.

Franz Boas’ contribution to the subversion was the hijacking of all Western universities’ anthropology departments. He enforced the lie that “There is no such thing as Race”. In the 1970s, the Communist Party of Great Britain put out a sticker stating: “One Race – the Human Race”. Those who know anything about Communism know that the CPGB had a large Jewish membership.

The Counter Revolution

Today both Karl Marx and Sigmund Freud have been largely discredited. Even Jewish left-wing politicians have publicly moved away from Marx. Even Jewish psychologists have publicly rejected Freud. But the ‘Cultural Marxism’ of the Frankfurt School and the lies of Franz Boas still persist. If the Western World is to survive, then those two camps need to be routed too.

Patriots of every White European nation should attempt to arm themselves with knowledge. Where to start? To this end I will be so bold as to recommend a few books on Race.

Edward Dutton’s book, Making Sense of Race, is a good place to start. He also gives a favourable mention to the brilliant US academic, Kevin MacDonald, which for me was an unexpected bonus!

Arthur Kemp of Ostara Publications has written two books worth reading: The War Against Whites, and the new Race and Racial Differences. This is billed as “A handbook for the 21st Century. How DNA shapes Mankind into seven major races. With 64 photographs, 16 illustrations, 7 maps, 6 tables, and 11 charts.”

The American academic, Charles Murray, has two books on the subject of Race: Facing Reality – Two Truths about Race in America and also, Coming Apart – The State of White America 1960 – 2010.

If the anti-White political correctness is ever going to be defeated then the lies of Franz Boas need to be exposed as lies. This means intelligent people who hate political correctness knowing about Race. It means us being informed and able to argue with those who hate our people – and for us to win the ideological war.

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