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The British Nationalist movement was always haunted on its peripheries by eccentric and rather odd individuals. During the National Front years, most such types were a small minority on the edges. The more odd or extreme ones could be discouraged, and maybe a few could be tolerated on the edges. I have sometimes wondered why that was so. Do other political movements have a similar problem? I suspect that they do. But I am concerned with nationalism.

Civilization in danger

The Establishment in Western countries has in the last century come under the influence and control of Jewish individuals and organised groups. Western Establishments feel that they can accommodate a lot of different points of view. A lot of different political expressions. Those Establishments make a big show of believing in democracy and diversity.

But the Jewish controlled Establishment is constantly steering politics in a direction that it wants it to move in. Towards an eventual one-world political union – with some form of world government. For historical reasons Jewish opinion formers would like to see the demise of the White European race. That is being achieved by massive non-White immigration to White homelands. White people are being replaced. Whites are being out-bred. There is a growing trend towards multi-racialism in the West, and eventually mixed-race populations. This spells death for White peoples and the European culture that civilised the whole world.

Obviously, the Establishment cannot and will not tolerate White European racial nationalism. Every ambitious politician quickly realises that White racial nationalism is completely beyond the Pale for anyone who wants career advancement under the current regime. Racial nationalism has become THE outsider political ideology. Many among the public sense this.

Becoming mainstream

But intelligent racial nationalists want victory for our movement and our ideas. That involves us NOT being outsiders. We need to win over the majority of our people and for our ideology to become the mainstream. We need to eventually be the government in White European countries. We must do this be spreading our ideas and winning converts. We must not water down our ideology to do this.

But if we want to win, we cannot be seen by the public as permanent ‘extremists’ – permanent outsiders. We need to win over well-established people within society. We need a lot of clever and capable people inside our movement. We need to recruit people with good careers and people of substance. We need to attract people who are, under normal circumstances, normal, moral, and law-abiding people. And we do need some wealthy people to be attracted to racial nationalism.

What we don’t want or need is lots of social outcasts, odd-balls, down-and-outs. We need to attract successful people. We need a big movement full of good, normal people. Such a big movement could accommodate a few eccentrics on the fringes, just as other political movements do.

‘Losers’ cannot help us in our struggle

A small movement that is predominantly composed of losers, people who do not fit in in normal society, will never win political power – which should be the aim of any serious political movement. Our ideology is struggling for political survival. Our country is struggling for racial survival. We need to be realistic.

Many of society’s outsiders do not like being unloved outsiders. They look around for some group that might make them welcome. If nationalists are desperate for recruits then odd social outcasts might feel that the nationalist movement is somewhere that is welcoming for them.

But the political nationalist movement is not a charity for the dispossessed and unloved. It is currently a survivalist movement. It needs to become a movement of national resurgence. That aim is not compatible with attracting odd, anti-social, and even criminal types. Those people will repel better people.

Some self-help gurus advise those who want success to shun the unlucky. Bad luck is contagious. This might seem harsh, but nationalists cannot afford to unnecessarily attract bad luck. We are already fighting a ‘David and Goliath’ war to save our country.

Attracting quality people

Imagine the scenario: a patriotic, mature and successful man attends his first nationalist meeting. Is he favourably impressed? This is unlikely if he finds that the only other people there are none-too-bright social misfits, some of whom cannot even hold down a paid job.

If he discovers that the group is very amateurishly run, then he will conclude that this is a group for losers – and although it is unpleasant to acknowledge it, he will be right.

I can think of examples of some ‘leaders’ who specialise in attracting the kind of never-do-wells that will repel better people. Nationalism needs to attract quality people. Not by watering down our ideology, but by being more professional and properly organised. By us being sensible and intelligent in our conduct and presentation – especially when we meet potential recruits. We want to attract the best elements in society – not the dregs.

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