The Black Crime Wave and The Media Response

In our last post, ‘Goodbye England – The Crime Tsunami’, we wrote about how the multi-racial society has ushered in the era of modern crime. We also covered how the media attempts to suppress news of the black crime wave, and instead gives disproportionate coverage to those rare cases of White-on-black crime.

Even as far back as 2006 it was evident that the number of assaults and murders where White people were the victims and blacks were the perpetrators was greatly disproportionate to their respective numbers. Even the left-wing Guardian admitted that nearly half of the victims of racially motivated murders were White.

April 2018 marked twenty five years after the murder of the young black, Stephen Lawrence, by a gang of young Whites, in Eltham, south-east London in 1993. This anniversary was given extensive coverage by the media, with a church service at St Martin in the Fields and the imposition on our country of an annual “Stephen Lawrence Memorial Day”.

We also noted that in August 1994 a young White boy, Richard Everitt, was murdered in a similar fashion by a gang of Bengalis.

Twenty five years on, we are being subjected to a guilt-fest over Stephen Lawrence’s death, but that of Richard Everitt has been long forgotten. The media want us to believe that White gangs still regularly attack and murder blacks. but this is the opposite of the truth.

With over 60 murders - nearly all of them black-on-black - in London alone in the first four months of 2018, it's obvious that blacks in London, and elsewhere, are far more likely to be murdered by their fellow blacks than by Whites.

Why, then, are the mainstream media so desperate to focus our attention on a solitary murder committed over 25 years ago, by a gang of Whites on one black youth? Why aren't they reporting the tidal wave of murders by young blacks of young blacks? This is a media cover-up, plain and simple.

The police and the media are, of course, controlled at the very top by the same people – people who have a vested interest in imposing the multi-racial society upon all formerly White countries as a means of destroying the White race and dominating whatever is left of humanity by way of a world government.

We need to reverse the tide of race-mixing propaganda – all of it based on lies and deceit. Let’s do more to celebrate the long and proud history of White people everywhere. Let’s remind ourselves, and the world, how much White people have contributed to civilization – to the arts, to technology, to discovery and to knowledge.

And let’s ensure that future generations of White children are born into a world where White civilization and White values prevail, and where the nightmare of the multi-racial society is but a distant memory.

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